More emphasis on your content & brand with our new Download Page Designer

Digital Pigeon subscribers will be able to take advantage of a brand new download page designer. It’s got a fresh, more modern design and places greater emphasis on your content, allowing you to showcase your work like never before.


So what’s new?

We’ve made some changes to the ways in which you can customise your branded download page.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • More emphasis on your content
  • Fresher and more modern design
  • Lots of customisations available: fonts, backgrounds, colours, logo, etc.
  • Ability to hide the background image completely, if you want to place even more emphasis on your content (everything is shifted up).
  • Ability to hide file information e.g. file size, expiry date, etc.
  • Showcase your branding on larger screens. On mobile screens, it is still the same (full screen preview). 


Sample of new download page designs with custom branding on multiple devices.

Sample of new download page designs with custom branding on multiple devices.


Try out the new design editor now...

Login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard and navigate to Manage > Customise. Here you will see the option to ‘Start Appearance Editor’. Clicking this button will take you to the appearance editor that you’re inevitably familiar with now. However, there will be a button in the top right-hand corner which says ‘Try New Layout’. Click that to be taken to the all-new layout designer.


What about my existing download page designs?

Your existing download page templates won’t go anywhere and you’ll still be able to use them going forward. However, you will not be able to edit them in the future and any new designs you create will need to be created using the new editor.


Give it a try today. We’d love to hear your feedback!


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Digital Pigeon Sponsors the HP 48HOURS Furious Filmmaking Competition

For 14 years now, the HP 48HOURS has officially been New Zealand's largest guerrilla filmmaking competition, and this year Digital Pigeon got involved to facilitate ‘Out of Town’ entries.

The format is simple: filmmaking teams have just one weekend (48 hours) to make a short film. The catch, though, is that none of the entrants know what genre e.g. thriller, romance, etc. they’ll be shooting until the start of the competition.

Despite taking place in the main regional centres of New Zealand, last month’s HP 48HOURS also allowed out of town entrants to make digital submissions.

That’s where Digital Pigeon came in…

We teamed up with HP 48HOURS to enable out of towners to submit their entries digitally during and immediately after the 48-hour competition period. Using a bespoke branded upload page, out of town teams were able to send in their finished films, without having to physically deliver a drive to a regional centre.

Speaking about the success of the out of town uploads process, Johnathan Guest from the HP 48Hours said: “(In) total we got just over 100GB between 75 submissions, most of which were on the Sunday of the competition as other teams were physically handing in; I had my phone going crazy with the emails of entries being received on Digital Pigeon.

“This was great as I could forward them onto the city managers early on Monday for them to download and get ready for heat screenings in their cities which were only days away. We also used Digital Pigeon to provide the managers with video assets for their launch, physical hand-in and heats events.

“They all loved having Digital Pigeon to speed up the Out of Town deliveries and commented on the quick speeds.”

It was an honour for Digital Pigeon to be chosen to facilitate the out of town entries and we have a small wishlist supplied by Johnathan, which we’ll look to work on, to make next year’s remote uploads even more seamless.

Distraction-free, Full Screen File Viewing Mode Now Available

Did you know that your clients can now take advantage of a full screen viewing mode on the file delivery page? It’s a little addition we’ve made to afford an even more distraction-free viewing experience for your clients. It also works particularly well when you’ve sent them a large number of files by allowing them to maximise the amount of screen space they have available.

It’s not just your clients, though, who can benefit from this new full screen viewing mode. You can also use it when viewing files that people have sent you.

Simply login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard and click ‘Receive’ in the lefthand navigation bar to see a list of all the files you have been sent. Click on the particular batch of files you want to view and you will see the standard layout that you’re used to:

Standard View

Standard View

We’ve highlighted the Full screen mode option in the screenshot above and clicking it will cause your Digital Pigeon app to enter full screen mode. Your clients will also see the same option when they visit the file delivery page you have sent them.

Full Screen Enabled

Full Screen Enabled

The full screen view shown above allows for unrivalled, distraction-free viewing of files by allowing more to be displayed on the screen at once. The best part of all is that absolutely no functionality is lost when you are viewing files in full screen mode.

You can opt to download all files with a single click or manage them on a file-by-file basis for even greater flexibility.

Try this new feature out now. We’d love to hear if it’s a positive addition for you and your clients.


Questions? Need help?  

Simply email us at

No functionality lost in 'Full Screen View'

No functionality lost in 'Full Screen View'

Introducing New Filtering and Sorting Options for Sent Files

With Digital Pigeon, you get fantastic insights into what your clients have done with the files you’ve sent them. For example, you can see when your client has received what you’ve sent them and, more importantly, exactly how many times a particular file has been viewed/downloaded.

However, we know that sometimes you need to drill down a bit further and gain even greater insights into what’s happened with your files once they’ve been sent.

That’s why we’ve introduced a range of additional filtering and sorting options for your sent files.

Now, you can filter your sent files based on whether they’ve been approved, declined, downloaded, not downloaded or starred, and sort the results in many intuitive ways, including by name, size, type and modified date.

In just a few clicks you can immediately see the status of each file you’ve sent, without having to delve about, saving you both time and hassle.

Try it out for yourself now by logging into your Digital Pigeon account; navigating to your sent file list; and testing the sort/filter options as shown in the screenshots above.


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Consolidate your Digital Pigeon notifications in a daily email digest

Email overload has become an inevitable part of modern life. Unless we successfully tame our inboxes and manage our messages effectively, it’s something that can affect all of us from time to time.

At Digital Pigeon, we understand that too many email notifications can be an unnecessary burden. That’s why we’ve developed a way of consolidating all your Digital Pigeon account activity into a single daily email digest.

So instead of receiving an instant email notification for every bit of activity on your account, you can instead choose to just get an overview each day.

To change your notification settings, simply login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard; click on ‘Manage’ in the left-hand sidebar; click the ‘Profile’ tab and look for the various notification options on the right. Alternatively, click here to be taken to the Manage > Profile page.

The screenshot above highlights the two daily summary options that are available to you. The first one is for a daily email digest for all activity relating to the files you have personally sent/received and the second is for a daily email digest  for all activity on your entire Digital Pigeon account - particularly useful for account owners who do not tend to do a lot of file sending themselves.

Adjust your notification settings accordingly and hit the blue ‘Save changes’ button towards the bottom left of the screen when you’re finished.

You can change them back at any time, so why not experiment to see which combination works best for your account.

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Great news for fans of Slack: Digital Pigeon integration now available!

For those of you who are already using Slack, you’ll appreciate the huge amount of benefits it brings. In fact, here at Digital Pigeon, Slack has become our own go-to solution for collaboration and communication.

For anyone who hasn’t tried Slack yet, we strongly recommend you give it a whirl.

One of Slack’s trump cards is its ability to integrate many of the apps you’ll probably already be using on a day-to-day basis. This allows a large chunk of your communications/updates to be posted and seen in your Slack channels.

It only seemed fitting then for us to take advantage of Slack’s highly-intuitive API and enable Digital Pigeon integration.

Once you’ve connected your Digital Pigeon account to your chosen Slack channel, you’ll immediately start receiving a range of updates relating to your file sending and receiving activities.

Get Digital Pigeon notifications in Slack when...

  • Files you have sent from your Digital Pigeon account have finished uploading

  • Your client has received a notification email

  • Your client has accessed said files

  • Anyone has sent you files using your branded Digital Pigeon upload page or website widget

It’s an excellent way to leverage the power of Slack and keep everyone in a specific channel up-to-date with your Digital Pigeon file activities.

It's also a fantastic way to reduce the number of emails you get about your Digital Pigeon activity. Simply go to "Manage" > "Profile" to change your notification settings!  

How to set-up the integration

To start taking advantage, simply login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard; click on ‘Manage’ in the left-hand sidebar; click the ‘Plugins’ tab and hit the ‘Connect with Slack’ button. Alternatively, click here to be taken to the Manage>Plugins page.

You’ll then be asked to select which of your Slack teams you want to integrate Digital Pigeon with. Choose the specific team channel you want to connect with and hit the green ‘Authorize’ button.

If the connection is successfully established you’ll see the following screen:

You’re now all set to start receiving Digital Pigeon file activity notifications in your chosen Slack channel.

N.B. If you receive an error message saying “Your team’s settings don’t allow authorizing apps like Digital Pigeon’, contact one of your Slack team admins for further assistance.

Give it a try today. We’d love to hear your feedback...

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

Give your clients a smoother experience by delaying your file deliveries

It might sound counterintuitive, but there are times when delaying your file deliveries will afford a more seamless experience for your clients - especially when those deliveries contain large video files.

That’s because even though Digital Pigeon now generates video previews faster than ever before, there will ultimately still be times when your client will receive an email notification saying that you’ve sent them files before the previews have been generated.

While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it obviously makes for a much better experience for your clients if the video previews are always available before they get an email notification.

It’s for this very reason that we’ve now added an option that allows you to delay the notification your client receives until after the file previews have been generated. This means that your client will always be able to view the media preview(s) as soon as they receive the email notification - eliminating the need for them to wait and providing them with a smoother overall experience as a result.

To enable this functionality, simply login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard; click on ‘Manage’ in the left-hand sidebar; and then check the ‘Wait for previews before sending notifications’ option on the main ‘Account’ tab. Alternatively, click here.

This simple option will guarantee that the media previews for all the files you send will be available to view as soon as your client receives a notification.

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

Need to receive large files? No problem!

The majority of our customers are digital media producers and marketers who use Digital Pigeon to send large files to their clients - really quickly and highly reliably.  That is what we're known for!

But did you know that Digital Pigeon also allows your clients to quickly and seamlessly send you large files too?

In fact, Digital Pigeon provides you with two distinct ways to receive large files: via a branded upload page and/or a bespoke website widget.

1) Custom-branded Upload Page and 2) The website widget in action

1) Custom-branded Upload Page and 2) The website widget in action

Your branded upload page

Upon creation of your Digital Pigeon account, you will have been asked to choose a custom subdomain. This usually takes the form of ‘’.

Navigating to this custom subdomain will bring up a page via which your clients can send you large files. This bespoke page can (and should) be branded and in keeping with the theme of your company website to further maintain the trust and relationships you have built with your clients.

From your branded upload page, your clients can quickly, easily and intuitively send you large files and folders.

As well as a file selection tool - which supports drag and drop - there’s the ability for your clients to add their name (optional); email address (required); a subject line (required); and a message (optional).

You’ll see in your Digital Pigeon account any files that you have been sent, and we’ll even notify you by email also, just in case you’re not logged in.

Utilise your very own Digital Pigeon website widget

Digital Pigeon also provides you with a mobile-responsive, website widget to place where you see fit. You can put it on a standalone page or as a popup.

This approach enables your clients to send you large files via a website that they know and trust - yours!

Moreover, our widget tool allows you to customise all of the text and colours used in your widget so that they match the overall theme of your company website.

As with your branded upload page, your clients will be able to enter their name (optional); email address (required); a subject line (required); and a message (optional).


How our customers use the 'receive files' feature:

Here’s how some of our customers are using the Digital Pigeon receive widget:

  • Television studios have used it to receive audition videos from applicants for reality TV shows.

  • Countless photographers use this tool to receive images back from local and offshore photo retouching services.

  • Post-production teams receive raw video files from their production studios.

  • Web designers have effortlessly received images, audio, video and other content from their clients.

These are just a few examples of how our customers are using it. If you need help identifying a way your industry you can use it in your workflow, let us know - we’d be happy to assist.  

(Chances are one of our customers is already using it in a similar way!)

To help make the experience even more seamless for your clients and vendors, we’ve added some behind-the-scenes technology known as the “geomatch accelerator”.  It automatically detects your client or vendor’s location and ensures that their upload is made to the closest file server (in either North America, Europe, Asia or Australia).  This gives them the fastest and most reliable upload experience possible.

Where can I find links for my upload page and website widget?

Simply login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard;  click on ‘Receive’ in the left-hand sidebar; and you’ll see the following screen as shown below:

The personal receive files link and the personal website upload widget will allow your clients to send files to your individual Digital Pigeon profile. The account receive files link and website upload widget will allow your clients to send files to all members of your individual Digital Pigeon account.

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

Download Now: Digital Pigeon’s New Windows Desktop App (Beta)

Do you use a Windows-based desktop computer? Want an even faster and smoother way to send your files?

Try the new Digital Pigeon Windows desktop app!

Digital Pigeon’s Windows desktop app has feature parity with its Mac counterpart.  You can now enjoy optimised transfer speeds and minimised waiting times, all from the comfort of your desktop.

Plus there’s the ability to watch folders; integrate with your address book, as well as advanced error recovery features.

Fancy giving it a test drive?

Simply go to the Digital Pigeon apps page and select the relevant download.

Please Note: Digital Pigeon’s Windows desktop app is still in the beta testing phase. If you notice any issues, please report them to us:

Digital Pigeon Video Previews Now Faster Than Ever

As part of our efforts to continuously improve our product for you, we’ve made some very positive changes to the way in which video previews are rendered.

Previously, the MP4 video preview was generated first, followed by the WebM preview. This sometimes led to slight delays for some users.

We’ve now revamped the process, so that both previews are generated concurrently. The end result is that video previews now appear in roughly half the time they did before, which means your clients get an even faster and smoother experience.

You don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this feature improvement. Just carry on sending your files content in the knowledge that your clients will see previews of your videos faster than ever before.

Questions? Need help? Simply email us at

There’s no “bandwidth rush-hour” on our "information super highway!"

Never compete for bandwidth

Cloud computing technologies have revolutionised the IT industry by providing organisations with a way to affordably, reliably and securely scale their infrastructure operations and workloads. 

And when you’re in the business of facilitating the sending and receiving of large files (like we are), having the right infrastructure solutions underpinning your core services is vitally important.

That’s why we partner with the world’s largest cloud services provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Unlike other infrastructure solutions, AWS affords complete agility and total scalability. That means that if Digital Pigeon (and our customers) ever need more compute power, AWS can ensure we (and you) get it on-demand.

Forget about web traffic

This scaling logic is the reason why cloud computing technologies are not susceptible to spikes in web traffic or busy periods, like traditional infrastructure solutions. Our digital highways are always clear, which allows your files to sail along them rapidly.

The end result is that Digital Pigeon customers never have to compete for bandwidth and benefit from an unrivalled service - always.

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

Have you thought about on-charging your file delivery costs?

In the “good old days”, before revolutionary file sharing services (like Digital Pigeon) burst onto the scene, producers would invariably copy large files onto hard disks or tapes, and then have them couriered across their city, their country and even to the other side of the world. 

In many cases, due to the sensitive nature of the information being sent, these files were often delivered using in-house couriers. This obviously came at significant cost, which is why delivery expenses were usually on-charged to the customer.

So why should it be any different in the digital world?

It’s our view that the same should apply to digital deliveries - even if the associated costs are considerably lower. After all, the end user is still getting a much better deal than they did previously.

With Digital Pigeon’s unique tracking capabilities and file access summaries, you can see whether a client has accessed a file; previewed it; and/or downloaded it. This not only provides you with reassurance, but can also be used to on-charge delivery costs on a per-GB basis.

In fact, some of our clients have told us that they actually make money when using Digital Pigeon by adding a nominal margin to their cost.  

How do I know how much data has been used?

To find out how many times your client has viewed the file you sent and the total amount of data downloaded, simply click on ‘Send’ in the left-hand sidebar and then click on the sent or shared item in your list of files.

Over to the right-hand side of the page (under the ‘Files’ tab) you’ll see a file access summary of that particular file’s activity. 

In the example above, the file has been viewed 93 times and the total amount of data downloaded is 18.3GB. This information can even be sent to you via email notification, so you’ll always have your finger on the digital pulse no matter where you are.  Now, you’ll be well aware of what cost you may like to on-charge to your client.

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

Make your Digital Pigeon files fly even faster with Amazon Cloudfront CDN

Ever wondered how Digital Pigeon manages to get all your important files distributed across the entire world so effortlessly and so quickly?

It’s because we leverage the power of the world’s largest cloud services provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and benefit from all the additional features and functionality that comes with it.

One of those additional features is Amazon Cloudfront, a secure global content delivery network (CDN) service.

The primary purpose of Amazon Cloudfront is to provide an even faster download experience - especially when distributing files over large distances - for example, Australia to Europe or North America).

How does it work?

Amazon knows what it’s doing when it comes to cloud infrastructure and rapid content delivery. That’s why Cloudfront boasts an edge server location in every major city on the planet (see list of cities here). These edge servers literally serve content up to people based on their geographic location. This process is known as Geo Targeting.

As people try and access the content you want them to, their geographic location is used to push them to the nearest edge server (usually the closest major city to them). The edge server then pulls the content/files from the relevant source location using Amazon’s optimised network routes.

The result?

Well our own testing found that a download from EU West to Melbourne using Amazon Cloudfront’s optimised routes was approximately three times quicker than a regular download.

However, the magic really happens when subsequent download requests are received. That’s because these requests benefit from even faster download speeds as they are accessing a cached version of the file(s) on the edge server.

The cached versions of said files remain on the edge server for a fixed period of time before being deleted.

The end result is that download speeds are dramatically increased and buffering significantly reduced – especially over long distances, which is fantastic for when you want to send files internationally.

Encrypted SSL Security

Amazon Cloudfront employs encrypted SSL technology to ensure that every network communication between the source, edge server and user is as secure as possible. Furthermore, the cached files residing on the edge servers have exactly the same restrictions as the originals at the source. This means access is limited to authorised users only.

Who is it for?

At present, Amazon Cloudfront CDN is available to Digital Pigeon customers on our enterprise plans. This is because it’s most effective for those sending large amounts of content to a significant number of recipients across the globe.

A good example of this might be the head-office of an organisation distributing marketing collateral to their sales force all over the world.

However, we are looking to expand this offering across the board in the future, so every Digital Pigeon customer can benefit from Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

Pricing for CDN usage

When Amazon Cloudfront CDN is enabled on your plan, you will be charged at 36c per GB (as of March 2016).  Note: CDN usage is not included in your monthly transfer and storage usage.

The beauty of using Amazon Cloudfront on Digital Pigeon is that you can take advantage of it on a pay-per-GB basis. Any associated costs can be tracked under the ‘Subscription’ tab on the main account management page.

The fact that it’s operated on a pay-per-GB basis means that you’ll never have to stump up for services you haven’t utilised.

How do I set this up?

Enabling Amazon Cloudfront CDN is simple.  Just click on ‘Manage’ in the left-hand sidebar and then check the ‘Enable Cloudfront CDN’ option on the main ‘Account’ tab.

Setup is quick and easy, which means you can be sending your files faster than ever before in no time at all.

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

Digital Pigeon has servers located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia

Amazon Web Services has built a world-class reputation for its cloud computing offerings. And with such a tried and tested infrastructure, it would be foolish to attempt to reinvent the wheel and come up with our own platform. That’s why we take advantage of Amazon’s!

With servers in four different continents across the world (USA, Europe, Asia and Australia), Digital Pigeon can make sure that your files get to where they need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By shortening the distance files have to travel, Digital Pigeon also reduces the likelihood of any errors occurring. The bottom line is that Digital Pigeon will send your files as fast as your and your recipients’ Internet connections will allow; meaning it will always be the fastest file transfer service for you.

We’ve got file servers in:

  • London

  • Northern California

  • Singapore

  • Sydney

And we’re in good company too as Adobe, NASA, Netflix, and Spotify (just to mention a few) are also all underpinned by AWS; highlighting the trust and reassurance the platform affords.


Amazon Cloudfront CDN support now available


Digital Pigeon Enterprise customers can now also leverage Amazon Cloudfront CDN to make their international file transfers even faster.

Amazon Cloudfront uses edge servers in every major city on the planet to make file transfers even more rapid and significantly reduce the time taken to buffer files for previewing.

Initial file download requests are served securely by the source server over Amazon’s optimised network routes. Subsequent requests, however, are satisfied using a cached copy of the files residing on the edge server nearest to the recipient.

These cached files remain in place for a set period of time before being deleted, meaning that any subsequent download requests can still be seamlessly fulfilled by the edge server.

With Amazon Cloudfront CDN, physical distance is no longer a factor when sending and receiving files internationally.

For more information about Amazon Cloudfront, including a full list of edge server locations, click here.

Questions? Need help? Simply email us at

Your Digital Pigeon files will now never expire

We will always inform you when one of your Digital Pigeon files is about to expire, but modern day email overload can mean these messages are sometimes missed. The end result? Your files used to get deleted or archived when their expiry period was reached.

But not anymore... 

That's because we’ve now changed the default expiry time for your files from 90 days to never. That’s right, NEVER!

Whereas your files would have previously expired after 90 days (and potentially been deleted or archived), now they simply won’t.

In fact, we’ve made ‘never expire’ the default for all files, meaning you’ll need to opt back in to the auto-expiry feature if that’s what you want for your files.

To revert back to a 90-day expiry time, login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard; click on ‘Manage’ in the left-hand sidebar and then select the ‘Account’ tab. You’ll see a dropdown box labelled ‘Auto expire’. Here you can set the default auto-expiry time for all your files.

Now you can store your files indefinitely and never worry about them suddenly disappearing. It’s totally up to you.

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

Search update: Find the right needle in your haystack!

You've always been able to search in Digital Pigeon... but we've recently just made it even easier to find things!

You can now select from a number of helpful filters to find that file...

Here's some of the things you search by:

  • File created and file expiry date (in a particular order or within a particular timeframe)
  • File size
  • Name of the file
  • Text in the summary of the send/share
  • Who you sent the files to
  • Your files specifically or all files


Should have any suggestions for additional filters, we're all ears!  Simply add your suggestion here.

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at




We’ve made some improvements to email delivery...

Every time you send a file, Digital Pigeon automatically emails access details to your recipients.

Previously, the delivery emails would come from your name, but - from our email address.  Now - they can from your name and your email address.

Here’s the difference:

This is a good thing - it makes it easy for your clients to search by your email address… and obviously, it’s just a better look for you.  Plus, it’ll ensure your emails are delivered right to your clients’ inboxes, avoiding their spam filters.

What you’ll need:

  • Your email address
  • Your password
  • Your SMTP host and port

To apply the settings, simply go Manage > Email, enter the details above and then press ‘Save’.  More info can be found here.


Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at




Forwarding files just got even quicker

It's part of our job to make your job as easy as it can be and save you as much time as we can. So we’ve just introduced a new feature to do just that.


Have you ever had a client ask you to send what you sent them to someone else in their organisation?

Simply go to a previous email you have sent and hit ‘Forward all files’.

Digital pigeon forward email

Now, all your settings will be copied over - including the original message you sent with the files. 

Your choices for the download page design, video preview settings, the recipients' permissions and who can see and leave feedback are all copied over as well, so you won't need to re-select them.

You can, of course, choose to update these settings if you need to.  


Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at


Receiving large files? Our new GeoMatch tech makes it super fast!

We’ve recently introduced our GeoMatch technology into Digital Pigeon to make things even faster for you.  

When you’re receiving large files from vendors, clients, etc., we will GeoMatch their location so that’s it super-fast and reliable for them to upload.  This means less headaches and you’ll get what you need, quicker!

Here’s how:

Transferring data across the internet is actually a lot like traveling in real life.  The further away things are and the more traffic there is, the longer it takes.   

We take both things out of the equation by:

  • Having servers in multiple locations and in major regions across the world.  This greatly shortens the distance files have to travel - and minimises the likelihood of errors.
  • Adopting a cloud infrastructure that is not susceptible to traffic - ever.  It’s as if there’s no such thing as ‘peak hour' or ‘flight delays’.  

However, if you client/vendor wants to change their upload server, they can easily pick from one of our regions manually.  All they need to do is pick from a drop down list when they're preparing their next file transfer to you.  

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

Choose a poster image for your video

We always want you to look your best…  Looking good matters.

So, in our pursuit of making the bestest, fastest and most reliable file sharing service for digital media producers, we’ve added another feature that you’ve requested!*  

Pick the frame for your video’s poster image

Previously, when you uploaded video to Digital Pigeon and chose to display it in a contact sheet, gallery or preview - we’d automatically generate the poster image.

Now you can pick your own!

It’s simple, here’s how:

  1. Pause your video at the desired frame
  2. Click the small cog icon next to the file
  3. Choose ‘Update Poster Image’

Film and TVC people for the win!

Questions? Need help?  Simply email us at

* Did you know you can do that?!  Hit the question mark in the top right hand corner and select “What should we add next?”  Or check out what other people are asking for... here.