Cleaning up files: Improvements and changes

We've made a few changes and improvements to make it easier to cleanup and manage storage. These changes include the ability to bulk delete or archive uploads, the ability to bulk delete individual files and a new 'expiring soon' email and mobile notification.

Bulk delete/archive uploads

Up until now you had to navigate to each upload then click the 'Options' menu, select the 'Delete these files' and then confirm. With the new bulk delete function you can now select multiple uploads and either delete or archive their files with a couple of clicks.

Bulk actions on individual files

You can now select individual files to star, delete, archive, forward, share and download. Simple select one or more of the files using the small check-box next to each files name and a new menu will appear towards the top right of the files.

Expiring files notification email

Important: auto-archive is now opt-in, when files expire they are no longer automatically moved to archived storage but instead removed from our servers.

We've added a new email notification that will be sent out a few days before files are due to expire. The email includes an summary activity report to let you know which recipients have accessed the files as well as an option to extend the expiry or move the files to archived storage.

We've also added an 'auto archive' option which allows you to instruct our systems to move the files to archived storage when they expire. You can be access via the 'Options' -> 'Change auto-expiry'.