Making it easy to listen

There's nothing worse than losing your notes, unless it's misplacing your clients' feedback. With that (terrifying!) inspiration, we're introducing a new option into Digital Pigeon: Feedback & Approvals. (It's still in beta, so please give us your feedback!)

Now, instead of picking through emails, Google docs and those terrible half written notes from that one phone call, you can see client feedback in the upload. No matter what format you're working with, our annotation system makes leaving specific feedback as simple as point, click and type.

It's location specific on images (no more guessing which “weird dark shadow” Steven doesn't like), precisely time stamped for audio, and associated with a specific annotated location on a single frame of a video (no more blink-and-you'll-miss-it issues).

Even better, every team member and recipient can see the feedback, so there's no hidden back-and-forth. It also gives you complete oversight of when feedback and approvals are happening, so you know when Alex in Marketing approved.

And we haven't cluttered up your beautifully branded pick up page: comments are only visible in pop-up previews. (Approvals and declines can be taken in at a glance by your clients on the pick up page, and in the file view for your team members.)

Feedback & Approvals functionality isn't automatically enabled—not every client has approvals power!—but now you can keep the conversation all in one place. (To enable it, click on the button in the upload screen and select if you're turning on Feedback & Approvals for your recipients and/or through the link.)

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. Especially with our beta features, we want to know how it's working in your team (and how it's not!), any problems you've had with it, and how you think we can improve. And if you just want to tell us how awesome we are, we're open to that too!