We’ve got a whole new way to talk: additional notification options

The Digital Pigeon activity reporting has been eating their greens and has grown up big and strong. Now each team member and recipient nominated to receive a set of files in an upload is listed in the activity log, with a time and date stamp for each and every interaction (including the initial upload).

And we've updated your notification options as well. You will now automatically receive a snapshot of activity 15 minutes after anything interesting happens. So in addition to the notification saying “Beyonce accessed the link”, you’ll get a single notification email showing every action in the past 15 minutes: from her initial access, through to previewing and download. And if you've enabled Feedback & Approvals, all the comments will be listed as well.

Now, we know every team is made up of a disparate bunch of individuals, and everyone has a different workflow. So, just like always, you can customize the level and number of notifications you receive. If all you want is the quick confirmation your client has accessed the file, nothing has to change. But if you like to have the play-by-play, we’ve got you covered.