Video preview quality improvements!

We're giving you options with your previews. While you've always been able to choose how your files are displayed, and controlled the branding on your page, now you can choose your preview quality as well.

We're making higher bit rates and resolutions available when you want it. Show off your work with previews at a glorious 1080p @ 20Mbps when you're sending to clients with a robust connection. Or, for clients whose internet is a little less reliable, choose 576p @ 4Mbps so you know they won't have to wait (we know patience is a virtue, but no one wants to tell their client that).

We've got 720p @ 10Mbps set as the default (up from 480p @ 2Mbps), but you can change your accounts default quality under 'Settings' > 'Account' > 'Video previews'. You can also adjust the settings per upload (under the tick box to create video, image and audio previews in 'View options') and of course you can still choose not to have automatically generated previews at all.

So no matter where your client is, how impatient they are or what kind of internet they have, we'll help you show your work to the best advantage.