It takes a village—get your team on the same page

It's hard enough to keep everyone up to date and on the same page, so we've got you covered with multiple user accounts. Any user you invite has access to – literally – the same page.

To get your team together, got to Users>Add User and enter their email address. Once you've sent out their invitation, their email address will appear in your list of users and you can edit their role (setting their level of access), time zone and the notifications they receive.

'Owners' are the big guns. As an Owner, you've got complete control of the account, with oversight of all files sent and received on the account, the ability to add or remove other users, customise your branding, and change billing and subscription details. Admin users have no access to the billing and subscription details, but have access to all other functions. Power Users have oversight of all files but can't add or remove users, while Users can see only their own files.

We know teams come in all shapes and sizes, so depending on your plan, you can add a specified number of users, and it's easy to purchase more. Simply contact the Digital Pigeon team and we'll hook you up.