Les Molnar is a Director/Producer with new production company Production Alley. They compose music scores, create radio tracks, record voice-overs and post produce audio for advertising.

Les has long relied on FTP systems to deliver large files to clients, and finds them complex and expensive. "You see other people who've created their own FTP system and they must spend a fortune. Digital Pigeon is such a cheap and easy way of sending files," he says.


He has also tried a few of Digital Pigeon's competitors over time and "decided to scrap them as well."

Les likes the fact that when you use Digital Pigeon, you can see when clients have accessed their files. "We even use Digital Pigeon to send smaller three to four meg files rather than email them because you can see when they've been opened and track them. We use it to send all of our creative now."

Les finds it convenient when he receives files via Digital Pigeon himself because it makes his life much easier. "I just send clients our Digital Pigeon upload link and they shoot through their files. I receive the notification either on my iPhone or computer, so I know when something's arrived."

Les has enjoyed the great customer service offered by the team. "They're just nice. They're approachable, get back to you quickly and are open to suggestion to make the service better, I love that!"

And like so many others in the creative industry, Les loves the aesthetics of Digital Pigeon. "It looks good, and you can customise it for your own business."

"It's easy, it's simple. I just think that's how life should be," he says.

Find out more about Les's business at www.productionalley.com.au