Method Studios creates films and advertisements that are rich with visual effects, so when it comes to sending massive files across to clients for approval, the company needs a file transfer service that can handle the load.

Digital Pigeon has been able to deliver.

Motion Design Producer Kate Guest was fed up with other systems: "I was having trouble with other file transfer services. They restricted your number of downloads, there were issues with transfer speeds. And the aesthetics weren't right. When files landed in our clients' inboxes, they didn't format properly. We're a company that specialises in a visual product, what we send can't look messy."

Kate made some enquiries and then signed up for a multi-user account with Digital Pigeon. She and everyone else in the team have been delighted with the results.


"It's more affordable. I do think the upload and download speeds are quicker than for other services, and clients say it looks more professional," she says.

"Clients don't necessarily want to come down for every approval. And sometimes they can't -- we work with a lot of interstate and international companies. They need to look at it on screen," Kate explains.

"Plus, with Digital Pigeon, I can see when clients have started downloading the file, so it gives me more of an idea of their time frames. It helps me know when to give them a follow up call."

Kate has also appreciated the added touches provided by Digital Pigeon, including great customer service and the ability to create a branded business page with the Method Studios logo.

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