Some of our happy customers

VFX Artist

"If you work in film, tv or content creation and aren't using @digitalpigeon for file delivery you're doing it wrong."

Toby Angwin
VFX Artist @ soupkitchen
Executive Producer

"Digital Pigeon is brilliantly designed. It has become essential for our business."

Hamish Macdonald
Executive Producer @ Method Studios

"We never have to wonder if our clients have received the files. We love it. You can quote me on that."

Luke Mazzaferro
Director @ finch

"With Digital Pigeon we always know when files are ready to view and when clients have downloaded our work.

Josh Moore
Producer/Director @ suitcase murphy
Production - Studio Head

"Our industry is all about relationships, the multi-user account is perfect, it allows all our departments to send from personalised profiles."

Ryan Swerdlow
Production - Studio Head @ BWM
Technical Director

"The Pigeon is fast, reliable, and incredibly powerful. The ability to set file server region, permissions, rebrand and generate short URLs make it stand out from the crowd. Amazing support. Powerful service. Vital for our business."

Chris Hocking
Technical Director @ LateNite Films
Creative Director

It's refreshing to have clear communication with the people who make software we use every day. I will be a long-term customer of Digital Pigeon!

Tim Kindler
Creative Director @ Paper House Productions
Freelance Television Director

"I decided to send off the same files at the same time using Hightail and Digital Pigeon, and the Digital Pigeon files went in half the amount of time."

Carolyn Sylvester
Freelance Television Director @
Senior Producer

"I love the service and our clients love the service."

Clint Logan
Senior Producer @ Sandbox Post Production
Sound Designer

"If we can't deliver on time our clients will look elsewhere. Digital Pigeon delivers our files quickly, accurately and branded with our logo. Clients need look no further!"

Andrew Stevenson
Sound Designer @ JAM

"The functionality, reliability and design of Digital Pigeon is unmatched. Our search for the ideal file sharing service is over."

Mike Soens
CEO @ Lo Fi Music
Aerial Photographer

Everyone is oohing and aahing over the beautiful page and the great visual presentation gallery for the clients to review the images before download. Not only is Digital Pigeon making my workflow easy, you are making me look really, really good!

Julie Belanger
Aerial Photographer @ The 111th Aerial Photography Squadron
Freelance Colourist for Film & Television

I'm just very happy with the service you offer, it's such a massive part of my business and I do really need something that doesn't let me down. Digital Pigeon is awesome.

Vincent Taylor
Freelance Colourist for Film & Television @ Raygun Studios
Sound Engineer

“I started using it and I realised how awesome it could fit my business. At that point I wished I'd started using it earlier. I love it."

Phil Kenihan
Sound Engineer @ Front of House
Voice Over Artist

"Love the service.  Looks more professional than Hightail, Hightail would often have server problems, forcing me to have to explain to clients why files hadn't arrived then rushing home to have to resend. I've never had this problem with Digital Pigeon."

Paul Pittioni
Voice Over Artist @
Freelance Graphic Design

"It has great ease of use. You speak my language in your communications. The upload is always stable. I LOVE that I can leave the website and forget about it until you've emailed me that it's all happened and good."

Lana De Jager
Freelance Graphic Design @

"Using Digital Pigeon has been great because it allows us to pretty much automate our review process for our clients. Throw it in the app and go!"

Ramon Montoya
Producer @ Pub 1917
TVC Producer

"I think you guys are awesome. I have been a huge brand evangelist for you guys in the TVC production, post and ad agency industry."

Warwick Boulter
TVC Producer @ Six Foot Sultans

"You guys have a great service and I don't think any of your competitors can touch you on price or features."

Karl Smith
Marketing @ IMAX

"The people behind Digital Pigeon are amazing, which makes for one amazing, fast and reliable solution for sending large files around the world"

jOn & Pen Cooper
Owners @ The Coopers Sound Design
Landscape Designer

"Keep up the great work - it really is the best method out there, and the fact that you're always on the improve gives us a lot of confidence in your commitment to the service. I am constantly recommending Digital Pigeon to anyone who'll listen."

Georgia Harper
Landscape Designer @ Georgia Harper Landscape Design
Liquid Simulation Expert

"I do fluid simulations for TVC's mainly, and i generate big, big files.  Looking at the upload speed at 4MB/s - I couldn't work remotely without Digital Pigeon!"

Octavio De Lellis
Liquid Simulation Expert @

"Digital Pigeon... Industrial strength file transfers.. Fast, Secure, Reliable, Professional. This Pigeon changed my life, let it change yours."

Andrew Vukosav
Photographer @ Coco Productions
Motion Designer

"Having a record of what's been sent and when a client downloads is brilliant, especially when they deny seeing something. priceless."

Simon Bronson
Motion Designer @
Content and Digital Developer

"Digital Pigeon has made something that for so long was a clunky chore simple, intuitive and functional. Not to mention fast. Add in great local support, and you have a happy customer."

Pete Nicholson
Content and Digital Developer @ Gaga Music