Faster Hightail Alternative

Faster Hightail Alternative

5 January, 2017

Digital Pigeon: the premium alternative to You Send It / Hightail and We Transfer

You’re here because you’re frustrated with You Send It / Hightail, We Transfer, or a similar low cost file sending provider. These services are great for basic file sending, but you’re a business and have more advanced needs.

File delivery is a major contact point between you and your paying customers. You need your file sending solution to be reliable, fast, and professional so that it best represents your business and your work. At Digital Pigeon we understand your needs and have built a product just for you. We know that it’s about more than just file sending. This is an extension of your business. You trust your file sending provider with your reputation and we take this responsibility seriously.

Our mission at Digital Pigeon is to provide a file sending solution that is:

  1. Reliable. Your files get there every time!
  2. Fast
  3. Professional
  4. A joy for you recipients and staff to use!
  5. Driven by an engaged customer base. Constantly improving based on onyour feedback.

For those of you coming from Hightail (or similarly priced free or cheap products) it’s important to understand the source of your frustration. To be profitable at these costs these companies have made a number of compromises to keep the prices down. These compromises brought you here. That’s where we come in. We’ve designed a premium product that avoids these compromises and provides you with some great new functionality. Sure, we may cost a little bit more, but we definitely provide a lot more value.

Here’s why some of our customers have already switched from Hightail:

78% of our customers indicated they had previously used Hightail before selecting Digital Pigeon as their file delivery tool.

How would you feel if you could no longer use Digital Pigeon?


Sourced from a November 2013 survey of all Digital Pigeon customers.

“We'd just renewed our Hightail & Vimeo subscriptions for another year and we couldn't get a refund! But Digital Pigeon was so useful we effectively paid twice for our file delivery solution just so we could use it instead. The video preview function is the best part. Some of our clients have video/codec issues. Being able to flick them a URL with a video they can watch straight away is brilliant. The speed is very good too. “ Bronwen - Turnstile 4

“I have an existing account with Hightail and also use Dropbox. I keep receiving links from many clients who use WeTransfer. I would now specifically prefer to use Digital Pigeon and have recommended it to other colleagues in multi-media production services.” D. Motiwalla - EIM

“Love the service. Looks more professional than Hightail. Hightail would often have server problems, forcing me to have to explain to clients why files hadn't arrived then rushing home to have to resend. I've never had this problem with Digital Pigeon.” Paul - Voice over artist.

“Hightail had a lot of downtime. Digital Pigeon is a very reliable system that could do what we needed to as far as features. Reliability has exceeded expectation”. K. Bentley - Clearnet.

“Digital Pigeon has the best design over Hightail etc... Works for my clients in post production, production, and advertising. I rarely see my clients so ALL my Video work is sent online and we email notes back & forth regarding revisions etc.... Digital Pigeon is extremely easy and user friendly for my clients. I can even customise my page. I’ve used Videofax, FTP sites, Hightail,, Dropbox etc... Just don’t like the look of any of them compared to Digital Pigeon.” Jodie Gallacher - Screen Editing by Jodie

“I decided to send off the same files at the same time using Hightail and Digital Pigeon, and the Digital Pigeon files went in half the amount of time.” Carolyn - Sylvester TV

Ready to try Digital Pigeon?

Or continue reading to find out what we’ve included in our product to make these customers so happy.

How we improved on Hightail:

Improvement #1: Speed

We’ve spared no expense in providing the fastest servers possible. We have servers in the US, Europe and Australia (Singapore servers coming soon) to ensure fast speeds no matter your location. No artificial speed limits mean you can download and upload files as fast as your internet connection will allow you! Get your files there faster! Time is money and the time saved here far outweighs the cost to do so, a real no-brainer.

Improvement #2: Reliability

We’ve invested in a reliable system with redundancy and backup facilities. Our robust solution always delivers. If you’ve ever had a critical file go missing on a competitor’s product when you’re on a tight schedule, you know why this is a must have feature. Missed deliveries lead to missed deadlines costing money, missed opportunities, stressed staff, and damaged reputation. That’s why we take file delivery seriously.

Improvement #3: Extra Features

  • Larger file sizes
  • Upload multiple files. Download individually or in a single automatically generated zip file.
  • Advanced personalisation and customisation. Allowing you to provide a very customer focused and brand rich experience for your recipients.

Improvement #4: Media Rich

We automatically generate thumbnails and previews for images, video, and audio files. Let your recipients quickly browse and preview a large number of files before choosing which ones to download.

Improvement #5: Service and Engagement

We spend time, money, and effort getting to know our customers and how we can continue to improve our product to benefit them. Expect high levels of personal service.

  1. All support requests are answered by our lead developers and Digital Pigeon founders
  2. All feedback and feature requests are viewed by the entire Digital Pigeon team
  3. 100% of our product development work is based off of requests from actual customers

So why should you switch to Digital Pigeon today?

  1. We provide a rich experience for your recipients. Wow your clients to win repeat business.
  2. We provide a powerful and easy experience for your internal users. Spend less time sending, stressing, and organising; leaving you more time to do the important work.
  3. Harness all of the speed and convenience that digital delivery offers without losing your personal and professional touch.
  4. The slight increase in cost is far outweighed by the added value provided. Just one repeat customer, deadline hit, or instance of increased staff productivity that would have been missed without Digital Pigeon pays for a full year. You can expect many of these instances a month. Don’t risk it. Switch to Digital Pigeon today and reap the rewards.

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