Custom branding

Custom brand your pages with your design, logo and color scheme.

  • Easy to use appearance editor.
  • Custom background images & titles.
  • Designed for all devices.

Instant Media Previews

We make web-ready previews for videos, images and audio you upload. Your recipients then preview your files in the browser, phone or tablet instantly before downloading them. You can choose different presentation modes for your files.


Beautiful file presentation

With Digital Pigeon your work always comes first!

Select the way your files are presented from:

  • Simple file list
  • Contact sheet grid
  • Large preview list
  • Gallery slider

Online feedback and proofing

You can enable feedback to get timely comments, markup and approvals for your files. Save time, emails and phone calls getting feedback right on your file download page.

  • Get comments and approvals on any files
  • Comment on marked up areas of images
  • Time-coded markup for video and audio media
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The fastest transfer speeds

Unlike other services our servers are distributed around the world in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia which means files upload and download much faster, because they don’t need to travel as far. So, if you’ve got a good connection we’ll be the fastest transfer service you can find.

  • Bank grade security for file transfers (SSL Encryption).
  • Encrypted file storage.
  • Duplicate file redundancy for data loss prevention.

Advanced tracking & notifications

To make your life easier, we notify you on your mobile and email when uploads are complete, files are previewed and downloaded.

  • File upload progress reports.
  • File download alerts.
  • Both email and mobile notification options.
  • Detailed activity reports kept for each file.
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Mac and Windows desktop apps

The desktop app allows you to drag & drop your large files & folders, pause transfers, get faster uploads & downloads and integrate your address book.

  • Upload acceleration technology
  • Computer sleep prevention
  • Resume transfers across computer restarts
  • Folder watching for automatic uploads
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Multi-user management

Individual profiles for everyone for personalised contact and notifications direct to their inbox or phone.

  • Access control and role management.
  • Notification settings for each user.
  • Personal upload page for each user.
  • Users see files only meant for them.
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Branded upload page and website widget

You can receive files from anyone by sending them to your upload page. Alternatively you can embed the uploader into your own website seamlessly.

  • Upload page for the whole account.
  • Personal upload pages for each user.
  • Website widget customizer tool.

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