Beyond the JPG! Another reason we're made for commercial photographers...


Digital Pigeon can generate instant photo previews from many professional-grade file formats.


Are you tired of having to convert your raw image files to JPG so that your clients can see it?   

Digital Pigeon has the ability to produce instant previews of your photographs with a number of file formats used by professional photographers.

By producing instant previews of your photos:

  • You save time not having to convert them

  • Your clients don’t need any software to view your work

  • Your clients don’t need to download files - making it a more seamless experience for them.

Here’s an overview of the formats Digital Pigeon’s instant previews are compatible with:

  • All the standard image files - .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, etc
  • OpenEXR - .EXR
  • Canon RAW format - .CR2
  • Photoshop - .PSD
  • Digital Negative - .DNG
  • Postscript - .PS
  • Digital Picture Exchange - .DPX
  • RAW Image Data File - .RAW
  • Nikon RAW format - .NEF
  • Tagged Image File Format - .TIF / .TIFF


Don't see the file type you use frequently? Ask us if we support it - and if we don't - you’ll be able to put a request in here and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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