Getting Started Guides

New to Digital Pigeon? Whether you're setting up a new team or joining one for the first time, we've got your back. Check out these Good to Go guides or scroll down for the short version.


TLDR - The Short Version

Whether you're signing up alone or setting up a team, the beginning steps are identical.

1. Sign Up & Select Your Plan

Choose your plan and set up your profile. If you're setting up a team, invite your colleagues to join.

2. Download the App

Make sure you've download the Digital Pigeon Apps. There's one for your desktop and one for your phone or tablet. The Apps have been specifically designed to maximise your transfer speeds, monitor your transfers, integrate your existing address book and has some advanced error recovery features.

3. Upload Some Files

You're ready to get going! You can drag and drop, copy and paste or use the upload button to get your files onto Digital Pigeon. With the Send option you'll be prompted to include a cover email to your recipient as well.

4. Streamline with Integrations

You can integrate your address book into the app, and integrate your Dropbox with your Digital Pigeon account. Don't double up!

5. Customise Your Notifications

Have complete control and oversight of your workflow without having your inbox over-filled by choosing which notifications to receive.