Welcome to Digital Pigeon

Digital Pigeon is a simple-to-use file transfer tool, perfect for teams, which makes it easy to deliver and display your content and integrates with your existing tools. Whatever it is you do, there are a few simple steps you can take while setting Digital Pigeon up for your team to help everyone get started as quickly and productively as possible. Hope this guide helps. We’re glad you’re here.


Get your account set up

Select your plan.

There's a plan for everyone, whether you're a boutique or a large team. You can always contact us for advice on which plan you need.

Complete your profile.

Fill in your details, including your locale and time zone. Upload a photo so it's easy to identify your updates at a glance!


Set up your custom branding

Collect your visuals

You'll need a JPG or PNG file of your logo, around 100 pixels high and 100KB and an image for your background (JPEG or PNG) no larger than 500KB.

Use the Appearance Editor for a completely customisable download screen

Follow the step-by-step instructions to use your own images, logos and color schemes to create a seamless brand experience. The number of custom branded themes included depends on your plan. If you need more, simply contact us.


Start with a pilot team

Invite a few team members.

Choose a small group of people you work with closely and send them invitations from within the Digital Pigeon App. Once they accept, you'll be able to see their activities in your activities list.

Collect your tools to get work done. 

Integrate your address books and Dropbox accounts. 

Encourage your team to download our apps.

Using our apps is a much better experience all around, so we recommend you and your team do so.

Once your pilot team is running smoothly, it’s time to think ahead for how to set up the rest of your organisation for success.


Team Signup


Now that your pilot team is up and running, Team Admins and Owners can invite new team members to Digital Pigeon from the Users tab.


Add more Owners and Admins

It’s lonely being the only Admin on a team. Appoint additional Owners and Admins early on — it’s good practice for each team to have at least two Owners and Admins, since those roles have access to team-wide preferences and permissions, such as invites.

There are four different roles a person can have on a Digital Pigeon team, each with their own level of permissions:

  • Owner Team Owners control the highest-level security and administrative settings: payments (billing and subscriptions), invitations to new team members, other team members' level of access and customisable branding. They have complete oversight of the account and all activity on it. 

  • Admin  Administrators are able to manage members, invite users, customise branding and handle other tasks. We recommend that every team have several Administrators. 

  • Power User Power Users have access to standard features: they can see all activity on the account, and send, share and recieve files.

  • User These users can only see the activity on the account relating to their own files. They are typically used by teams to loop in contractors or interns without giving them access to everything else.