Welcome to Digital Pigeon

Digital Pigeon is a simple-to-use file transfer tool which makes it easy to deliver and display your content and integrates with your existing tools. As easy and straight-forward as it is, we hope this guide helps. We’re glad you’re here.


Sending, sharing and receiving files

Create an upload

To send or share a file, simply open Digital Pigeon in your browser or in the app and click the red 'New' button at the top. Select your files from the 'Add files' menu, and fill in your recipients' details. Once the files have started uploading, you can close your window—the upload will continue in the background. Once the files have finished uploading you'll get a notification.

Configure your upload

Choose your settings for the upload—you can change your preview display mode, apply password protection and enable feedback & approvals. You can also set permissions, choose the theme for your download page and select the video preview quality.

The different upload types

You have two options when starting an upload—sending and sharing. Sending files automatically creates an email containing a customized download link which is sent directly to each recipient. Sharing files creates a link which can then be shared; via email or social media or by posting on a website. Sent uploads will allow you to track each recipients activity separately, while shared uploads allow activity to be tracked without specifying who has done what.


Set up your custom branding

Collect your visuals

You'll need a JPG or PNG file of your logo, around 100 pixels high and 100KB and an image for your background (JPEG or PNG) no larger than 500KB.

Use the Appearance Editor for a completely customisable download screen

Follow the step-by-step instructions to use your own images, logos and color schemes to create a seamless brand experience. The number of custom branded themes included depends on your plan. If you need more, simply contact us.


Feedback and approvals

See client feedback right in the upload. No matter what format you're working with, our annotation system makes leaving specific feedback as simple as point, click and type. It's location specific on images, time stamped for audio, and associated with a specific annotated location on a single frame of a video. All you need to do is enable it.