Managing your storage

Digital Pigeon divides storage into two sections, Active Storage and Archived Storage.

Active Storage

When you upload files to Digital Pigeon the files are stored on our fast file download servers. While the files remain in Active Storage they are instantly downloadable by you and those you share your files with. Active Storage is limited and the amount of files that you can store in Active Storage depends on your plan type.

At any time you can move your files into Archived Storage and back out to Active Storage

Archived Storage

When you archive files from Active Storage the files are moved to unlimited Archived Storage and at any point you can restore archived files to Active Storage. Once in Archived Storage the files are no longer available for immediate download. Files will remain in Archived Storage indefinitely or until you delete them.

An example of the last 30 days of storage usage

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm trying to save space on my account should I archive or delete my files?

You should archive your files.  Archived files do not count towards your storage limits.  Plus they can be restored at a later date.  This is great for disputes.  Show exactly which files were received on which dates.

How do I automatically archive files?

When you upload files to Digital Pigeon you can choose a date in the future that the files will be automatically moved to Archived Storage, just click the 'Auto-archive date' link and choose the desired date.

How do I change the auto-archive date?

At any time before files are archived you can change the auto-archive date, from the 'Options' button above your files click 'Change auto-archive' date, select the desired archive date and click 'Save'.

How do I manually archive files?

To manually archive files click the 'Options' button above your files, then 'Archive these files' and finally confirm the action.


How do I restore archived files?

To restore files that have been moved to Archived Storage click the 'Options' button above your files, then choose 'Restore these files', choose a new auto-archive date and finally click 'Restore'.

How long does the restore process take?

The restore process usually takes around two hours but can take up to five hours.

Can I increase my Active Storage?

Yes, at any time you can increase and decrease your Active Storage, click the 'Settings' menu item then navigate to the 'Subscription' tab and click select 'Add Storage'. If you already have additional storage associated with your account select 'Change storage'.

How can I view my past storage usage?

Can you view the last 30 days of Active Storage usage from the 'Settings' menu on the left hand side of the app, from there select 'Usage'.