Why do I want multiple users?

  • Don't lose your personal touch in this digital age.  Add a profile picture and contact details to include with all files that you send.
  • Reduce inbox clutter and increase relevance by only receiving notifications for your own files.
  • Increase account security.  No more shared passwords.
  • Reduce access to sensitive files with our advanced user permissions.

[Image of user list]

[Image of a receive page with a completed contact card on the side]

How do I add users?

Login to Digital Pigeon and select the Users tab.  From here you can click the Add Users button.  Users can now be invited by entering a list of comma separated email addresses.  You may also customise the invitation email sent to invitees.

[Image showing where to click]

How do I change user permissions, settings, and contact cards?

Visit the Users tab in the app to see a list of all current users.  Clicking on any user will allow you to change the settings for that individual user.   Settings available to change are:

  • Which events will trigger mobile and/or email alerts
  • A profile picture and contact details to be displayed with all files that user sends
  • The interface language
  • The timezone
  • The ability to reset a password
  • The user's role
    • Account Owner - full access
    • Admin - has access to everything except for billing information
    • Power User - can see files from all users but cannot change settings or billing information
    • User - can only see their own files

[Image showing user settings page]