Send large files

Digital Pigeon makes sending large files a cinch. Just log in to Digital Pigeon to load our web application, choose your recipient(s) and add your summary.

Then drag and drop your files anywhere onto the send page. You can also choose the clip icon to search your computer for the right files to attach.

Message expiry

Digital Pigeon allocates an expiry to all files so that your account doesn’t get too cluttered, which allows you to focus on the projects that are your priority.

You can set and extend the expiry on each file as often as you like. Extend for two weeks to two months on our free and basic plans, or extend for up to a year on our pro and team plans.

Password protection

Choose a password to further secure your files. You’ll need to call your recipient up or send the password outside of the Digital Pigeon system, for added security.


Choose whether you’d like previews to be on or off, and then decide on a configuration based on the types and quantities of files you’re sending. When your previews are on, your users see a web-quality snapshot of your file, which they can quickly look through before deciding to download, saving time and energy.


Digital Pigeon offers you two types of link. There’s a quick link, which is a generic link that you can post anywhere – Facebook, Twitter, email – and it allows people to access your large file online at any time.

There’s also the customised link, which is a link generated for each recipient of your Digital Pigeon generated email. This link allows tracking of downloads.

You’ll notice that our customised links are quite long. This has been done to build added security into the send process.

Add additional recipients to your message

You can add additional recipients to your message based on your plan. If you’re on a free plan, add up to three people, 10 people for a basic plan, 20 for a professional and 100 for a team plan.

Include all of your files in another message

This function works just like regular email forwarding. Simply take your entire message with downloads and recipients, and send it on to between one and 100 people, depending on your plan.