• Josh Moore
    With Digital Pigeon we always know when files are ready to view and when clients have downloaded our work.
    Josh Moore
    Producer/Director @ suitcase murphy
  • Toby Angwin
    If you work in film, tv or content creation and aren't using @digitalpigeon for file delivery you're doing it wrong.
    Toby Angwin
    VFX Artist @ soupkitchen
  • Hamish McDonald
    Digital Pigeon is brilliantly designed. It has become essential for our business.
    Hamish Macdonald
    Executive Producer @ Method Studios
  • Josh Moor
    I'm just very happy with the service you offer, it's such a massive part of my business and I do really need something that doesn't let me down. Digital Pigeon is awesome.
    Vincent Taylor
    Freelance Colourist for Film & Television @ Raygun Studios
  • Pete Nicholson
    Our industry is all about relationships, the multi-user account is perfect, it allows all our departments to send from personalised profiles.
    Ryan Swerdlow
    Production - Studio Head @ BWM
  • Tim Kindler
    It's refreshing to have clear communication with the people who make software we use every day. I will be a long-term customer of Digital Pigeon!
    Tim Kindler
    Creative Director @ Paper House Productions
  • Carolyn Sylvester
    I decided to send off the same files at the same time using Hightail and Digital Pigeon, and the Digital Pigeon files went in half the amount of time.
    Carolyn Sylvester
    Freelance Television Director @ sylvestertv.net
  • Carolyn Sylvester
    You guys have a great service and I don't think any of your competitors can touch you on price or features.
    Karl Smith
    Marketing @ IMAX
  • Andrew Stevenson
    "If we can't deliver on time our clients will look elsewhere. Digital Pigeon delivers our files quickly, accurately and branded with our logo. Clients need look no further!"
    Andrew Stevenson
    Sound Designer @ JAM