Upload and Download Speeds

Understanding upload and download speeds can be complicated. This page aims to provide an explanation of the factors that effect transfer speeds and how Digital Pigeon addresses them.


The geographical distance between you and the file server is a very important factor in how fast or slow uploads and downloads are. The reasons for this are complicated and generally completely out of your control, they vary from limitations in the very basic building blocks of the internet called TCP, to how congested the internet is between you and the file server. Depending on the distance your service provider could route your requests through a very fast fibre optic cable or a very slow satellite link.

Digital Pigeon solves the problem of distance the best way possible; we move the file servers closer to you. Digital Pigeon currently has file servers in S.E. Asia, Western Europe, Oceania and North America (with more on the way). When you sign up for an account we choose the server we think is closest to you and you can switch between regions at any time.

Transfer Accelerator

Our Desktop App has advanced upload and download accelerator technology to help you get the most out of your internet connection. Large files are automatically split into parts and transferred simultaneously, then rejoined at the other end. This technique can increase speeds by anywhere between 30% to 800%.


Another factor in transfer speeds is your own internet connection, it's obviously not something we have any influence in but it plays a big part. Generally speaking the more expensive business grade internet connections are symmetric, that is you can upload at the same speed that you can download, while consumer grade connections are almost always asymmetric with download speeds much faster than upload speeds.

Congestion ratios are one of the more frustrating aspects of understanding transfer speeds. Internet Service Providers almost always oversell their networks, especially consumer oriented providers. You can think of it as trying to drive a dozen cars down a two lane highway, there's not enough room for everyone so someone has to wait.

To verify your connection speed head to speedtest.net (keep is mind the results are in Megabits per second and that there's 8 Megabits to a Megabyte).