Alternative to Google Drive

Rather than battling with Google Drive to send large media files, you can integrate Digital Pigeon with it and get your files from A to B, quickly.

If you’re a professional or freelancer working in the creative industries, it’s almost a certainty that you’ve heard of, and more likely used, Google Drive.

It’s one of best value options on the market when it comes to online storage solutions, which is probably why it’s so popular. It does have its limitations though, which is why we think Google Drive integrated with Digital Pigeon could be a great option.

Try Digital Pigeon with Google Drive and experience the best of breed for file sharing and file storage.

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Limitations of Google Drive

Google Drive has a lot of strengths and some great features, such as the collaborative Google Docs, Google Sheets and other ‘office’ type files. But it does tend to fall short when it comes to file sharing.

If all you’re transferring are documents or smaller image files then it’s perfectly adequate. However, it doesn’t handle large file transfers of media files. If you’re a creative professional, you generally need to transfer large files to your clients regularly. If you have to juggle tight deadlines as well, as most creatives do, Google Drive alone may not be enough.

Where Digital Pigeon Can Help

If it’s a large file transfer service you’re looking for, then Digital Pigeon has got you covered. We specialise in the high-speed transfer of large files such as photographs, video, audio and other media. We use the incredibly powerful Amazon Web Services, which has servers placed at strategic locations all around the globe to get your files from point A to point B using the fastest and most direct route possible.

We also offer a few other very useful features that Google Drive lacks, such as:

  • Media previewing of ‘professional’ file types that most others don’t enable.
  • The ability for recipients to provide feedback on files through our platform.
  • Custom branded download pages, for that added touch of professionalism.
  • Activity notifications any way you like them. We can let you know when a recipient has received, downloaded or left a comment on your files via email, mobile, Slack or push notification.

The Perfect Match

We’re not suggesting that you switch from Google Drive and move over to Digital Pigeon. We are primarily a cloud transfer service rather than a dedicated storage tool. We’ve developed our service to integrate with Google Drive to provide you with the best of both worlds.

With Digital Pigeon, you can upload files for transfer directly from Google Drive, meaning the upload doesn’t use any of your precious bandwidth. You can read more about how Digital Pigeon works in tandem with Google Drive (or Dropbox) right here.

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