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The two biggest complaints we get from our customers about problems with
Hightail (previously YouSendIt) are slows speed and service unreliability.

When it comes to file transfers, Digital Pigeon offers the most reliable large file solution. As an alternative to OpenText's Hightail, it provides support for larger file sizes, greater reliability, and better value for money. Digital Pigeon has a number of features that set it apart from Hightail, as well as other file transfer websites and cloud sharing programs.

Digital Pigeon was designed from the ground up for the creative and marketing industries, where large file delivery is an integral business component. When file delivery is a major contact point between you and your customers, you need a service that is fast, reliable and professionally branded to best represent your business and work.

Serious about sharing your work? Our customers tell us that we continue to deliver where Hightail and others fail.

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“Love the service. Looks like a more professional alternative to Hightail. Hightail would often have server problems, forcing me to have to explain to clients why files hadn’t arrived then rushing home to have to resend. I’ve never had this problem with Digital Pigeon.

Paul – Voice over artist

We’d just renewed our Hightail & Vimeo subscriptions for another year and we couldn’t get a refund! But Digital Pigeon was so useful we effectively paid twice for our file delivery solution just so we could use it instead. The video preview function is the best part. Some of our clients have video/codec issues. Being able to flick them a URL with a video they can watch straight away is brilliant. The speed is very good too.

Bronwen – Turnstile 4

I decided to send off the same files at the same time using Hightail and Digital Pigeon, and the Digital Pigeon files went in half the amount of time.

Carolyn – Sylvester TV

I have an existing account with Hightail and also use Dropbox. I keep receiving links from many clients who use WeTransfer. I would now specifically prefer to use Digital Pigeon and have recommended it to other colleagues in multi-media production services.

D. Motiwalla – EIM
These customers tell us about their experience with
Hightail/YouSendIt vs Digital Pigeon

Experience the difference:
Where does Digital Pigeon beat OpenText’s Hightail?

Much Faster Speeds

  • No expense spared. We provide the fastest servers available in the US, Europe, Australia and Singapore, ensuring lightning speeds anywhere in the world, for you and your recipients.
  • No artificial speed limits. Download and upload files fast—the only limitation is the upload and download speed of your internet connection to the Amazon server.
  • Get your files there faster. Faster delivery means happy clients and repeat business. If time is money, you’ll soon have more of both.

Want to know how we're able to be so fast? Click here to find out.

Far Greater Reliability

  • Our robust solution features redundancy and backup facilities. Your files never go missing.
  • We take delivery and security seriously. We know missed deliveries lead to missed deadlines, costing money and opportunities, causing stress and potentially damaging your reputation. You can be assured your files will get there safely, every time.

More Features For the Media & Creative Industries

  • Feedback and collaboration system include: On our plans, the feedback and collaboration tools are part of the software - not an additional and expensive add-on.
  • Larger file sizes. Hightail claims to be able to deliver large files, but the evidence is against them.
  • Upload multiple files. Available for individual download or automatically zipped into a single file.
  • Get notified any way you like. Receive notifications of your recipient's actions in your own preferred way via email, mobile push notification or Slack.

A Media Rich Experience for your Recipients

  • Automatically generated thumbnails and previews. Allows your recipients to quickly browse and preview images, videos and audio files.
  • Preview all file formats. We also support previews for professional file types, such as raw photography formats.

Enhance your brand

  • Custom branding. We are one of only a few file transfer services that offer custom branding.
  • Personalise and customise. Branding is everything, Digital Pigeon allows you to provide a customer focused, brand rich experience for your recipients.

Customer Service and Engagement

We are only able to provide our targeted, high-quality service because of you, our customer. We make it our number one priority to get to know all our customers in order to continually improve our product to better serve you. So expect high levels of personal service.

  • Real Tech Support. Support requests are answered by lead developers and Digital Pigeon software engineers who know the software inside and out.
  • Feedback taken onboard. We review all feedback and feature requests with the entire Digital Pigeon team to get the best results.
  • Request-based development. All our product development is in response to requests from you, our customer.

Quick, Helpful & Personal Support

No outsourced support team, just us. Digital Pigeon is continually and relentlessly developed based on your feedback and Ideas.

We’d love to help you.

Discover how Digital Pigeon is superior to websites like Hightail

Digital Pigeon isn't simply better than Hightail by OpenText, it's the most powerful and versatile file transfer platform on the market. Websites like Hightail aren't generally a one-stop-solution. Digital Pigeon has you covered for file transfers, video streaming, custom-branding options, and more. This is all backed by our dedication to customer service and our support team, who are always available to provide assistance and technical advice.

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