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If you're a creative—and you need high-end media features in a file-sharing tool, you need to consider Digital Pigeon, a stunning and reliable alternative to Digital Pigeon is a simple, user-friendly tool that lets you move huge file sizes easily, this powerful tool is a step up from Masv, which falls short when you need to move seriously large files.

Even better news: business-level plans for Masv start at a whopping $300 USD per month and you need to pay annually. We offer more flexible pricing plans that start at a mere $29 USD per month and include ample transfers and storage. In addition, we offer our Essentials package for only $180 for the entire year.

But the best part about this tool isn't the budget-friendly price point that your company accountant will fall in love with. It's the experience.

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Digital Pigeon provides a better experience

Media previews

You know you’re good at what you do. But your clients may not know it.

  • Not unless they can watch your work in action in video previews.
  • Not unless they can see your stunning images.
  • Not unless they can access your projects in real time to make quick decisions.

In today's world, instant availability is the key to making a sale. If your clients can't access your work on their timeline, they'll move on to another source.

With Digital Pigeon's instant media previews, your clients can access your files immediately—no download necessary. With this sleek new alternative to Masv, your instant media previews will work on every browser and every device.

Compatible with all the file formats you’ll need to be competitive, Digital Pigeon makes it easy for your clients. They don’t even need to log in—or go through the hassle of registering for login credentials. They can access your files—and even comment on them—without a hitch.

They won't need extra software with Digital Pigeon. Seamless and amazingly fast, Digital Pigeon will showcase your work at the speed of light.

With such an easy, intuitive process, your client feedback will be delivered quicker than ever before. Combine this with instant notifications and activity tracking and you’re about to dramatically improve your workflow.

Activity tracking

Real-time. Really.

The minute your recipients receive your files, you’ll see what they’ve done with them. Feedback. Comments. Compliments. You'll have them all in real time.

Digital Pigeon's rapid delivery will let you know exactly when your clients received your files and when they've finished an upload.

When someone sends you a file, you’ll know the minute it leaves their device. When a client posts feedback, your team can get on it right away. Adjust your work to their needs in hours, not days.

When they finally approve the project, you’ll know the minute they do. Or, if you’d rather forgo real-time notifications, you’ll have an overview at the end of your workday.

You won’t need to open your email to see your notifications. We’ll deliver it to you with mobile notifications or through your Slack app. Declutter your inbox, have real-time, lasting documentation, and keep your whole team on the same page.


With Digital Pigeon's real-time activity reports, you can receive immediate notifications when clients or potential clients

  • Receive files
  • Access files
  • Provide feedback or other comments on your files
  • Approved a file
  • Send you files

You'll even see from which location and the type of device your clients use to access your files.

Our real-time notifications allow you to see exactly which step each client is at in project management, giving you a 360-degree perspective on your entire business. With Digital Pigeon, it's all in one easy-to-use place you can access from anywhere.

Feedback and collaboration

Digital Pigeon gives you the ability to collaborate on files with your clients or coworkers. Get comments, markups, feedback, and approvals with no need for emails and phone calls. The feedback will appear right on the work itself, saving time and effort on each project. Feedback features include:

  • Markup: Visual markups within the images or videos themselves give you an instant grasp of the discussion at hand.
  • Timecodes: With timecodes, you and your clients can enter feedback at the exact time or time range you want within audio and video files to clarify communication.
  • Replies: Real-time conversations can occur at a single location that's easy to track and easy to follow, making this software perfect for collaborating from a distance.
  • Media shortcuts: This powerful feature allows you to navigate to each comment instantly and directly within your timeline.
  • Marking completed tasks: With a full workload, you need clarity when your team finishes a task. Use the feedback feature to create a checklist of tasks your team can mark 'complete' when they finish.

With notifications in real time, you can keep an eye on your conversations and task lists to keep abreast of your workload, even when you step out of the office.

Bank-grade security

Digital Pigeon operates in the safety of the cloud with Amazon Web Services—just like the world's largest banks and government agencies do. With high-level SSL encryption, randomly generated URLs, and password protection, your files will enjoy the tightest security on the planet. Randomly generated, dynamic secret keys keep prying eyes from accessing your files. In fact, it would take hackers’ software algorithms more than 300 trillion years to crack the code.

File collaboration

With Digital Pigeon, you never need to use your email if you don't want to. Just grab a file-sharing link and share it with your client or team members. They don't even need to login to leave comments!

With us, you can keep communications within a single system. Desktop and iOS apps give you extra speed and power, whilst you can simply use our web app for the freedom to collaborate from anywhere. Thanks to our automatically generated previews, your recipients can preview videos, audio, and image files for quick decisions.

Compare that to's system. With Masv, you have

  • No desktop apps
  • No smartphone apps
  • No previews
  • No activity tracking
  • No feedback

Your file-sharing software should reflect the quality of your work. With Digital Pigeon, you'll step up to world-class collaboration.

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4.9 out of 5
5 out of 5

With bank-grade security, instant collaboration within files, instant previews, and lightning-fast file sharing capacity, alternative Digital Pigeon is the top choice for discerning creatives.

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5 out of 5
4.9 out of 5
5 out of 5