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Digital Pigeon is the leading software solution in transferring large files to any location in the world. Regardless of the file size, you can rely on our platform to be a reliable and superior alternative to Citrix Sharefile, which is designed to be a solution for the relatively small files that corporates use, not the huge amounts of data involved in multimedia production.

Websites like Citrix Sharefile are built for corporates, not creatives

Audio, video and photography professionals create and share files that are tens and even hundreds of gigabytes in size. In the past, the only truly reliable way to send files of this size was using external, physical storage and using couriers.

Websites like Citrix Sharefile are ill-equipped to handle the sheer amount of data contained in raw images and video, and uncompressed audio. Digital Pigeon was built with creatives in mind, providing a powerful solution to transferring your work and at a price point that’s suitable for creative businesses of all sizes.

Transfer large files with ease using our powerful alternative to Sharefile

Digital Pigeon is built from the ground up to support big file transfers. Alternative websites like Citrix Fileshare may be fine for everyday transfers of files in the hundreds of megabytes range. However, when you need to send and receive files ten times this size, Digital Pigeon is the platform you can rely on for accuracy and speed.

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