An Affordable & Reliable Alternative to Wiredrive File Transfers

Digital Pigeon is enterprise-grade file sharing software, at a fraction of the cost of Wiredrive.

Digital Pigeon is the ideal alternative to Wiredrive. If you are looking for a service that can transfer files quickly and reliably but doesn’t cost the earth, then Digital Pigeon is for you. Websites like Wiredrive can be expensive, while we offer a superior service that is focused on customer satisfaction at all times. From the interface through to the customer support, Digital Pigeon makes the transfer of large files easy and accurate, at a fraction of the cost of Wiredrive.

Below we have addressed some common issues our customers have
stated when moving from Wiredrive to Digital Pigeon

The Price Difference

The most basic level of service at Wiredrive starts at $249 USD a month.

At Digital Pigeon our most basic service is available from $15 a month and our high-level enterprise grade service can be yours for just $249 month to month. The savings are even greater if you commit to a full year.

The Difference in Focus

At Wiredrive, while they offer a very similar service to Digital Pigeon, their core focus is more on asset management and collaboration.

At Digital Pigeon, we have listened to what our customers are asking for and so our core focus is on sharing and speed. Resulting in some of the fastest large file sharing speeds available.

A large file sharing service that leverages enterprise-grade technology. At a fraction of the cost.

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Digital Pigeon succeeds where Wiredrive Fails

Issues from users of Wiredrive mention:

  • Wiredrive has poor mobile app reviews and the mobile view for the recipient is less than ideal.
  • Complaints have been about the speed of transfers, particularly on mobile.
  • The media management interface on the admin side, where the customer uploads files, moves folders, renames file or folders, is not easy or intuitive to navigate.
  • Slow upload and download times, not just compared to Digital Pigeon but to a lot of other file transfer services.
  • The URL file is not available until the file is completely uploaded, meaning you have to stick around waiting before sending the link to your client.

Digital Pigeon Features

  • Digital Pigeon’s mobile app has all the same features as the desktop app, allowing you to do everything you need to on the run.
  • We challenge you to find anyone complaining about Digital Pigeon’s transfer speeds.
  • Digital Pigeon’s user interface is specifically designed with input from existing customers to be as easily navigable and intuitive to use as possible.
  • Through Digital Pigeon, you can upload and download files as fast as your internet connection will allow.
  • We generate the URL at the start of your upload so you can send it to your client right away. If the file is not fully uploaded, the client will receive a message saying that it’s in progress and will be available soon.

Enjoy speed and accuracy without the problems of websites like Wiredrive

Digital Pigeon has been built from the ground up to handle file sizes that aren’t just hundreds of megabytes, but hundreds of gigabytes. This makes us the obvious choice for photographers, video artists and audio engineers who need to send raw, uncompressed photos, videos or audio anywhere in the world.

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