New Zealand-based Optimized Routes edge location launch means faster and more reliable international transfers for Kiwi’s

2 December, 2020

Digital Pigeon’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide an unrivalled file sharing solution has been given a major boost with AWS’ recent launch of a new edge location in New Zealand’s capital, Auckland. This is welcome news to lovers of faster content delivery (which we certainly are!). As Digital Pigeon is powered by AWS, the world’s highest performing, cloud-based infrastructure service, this new addition to its global network allows us to transport your files with greater speed and reliability.

The benefits for Digital Pigeon’s customers

This is a great development for our customers, especially those operating within or into New Zealand. Adding further support to AWS’s edge services, including its content delivery network Amazon CloudFront, which serves as the backbone to Digital Pigeon’s premium file sharing capabilities, will help contribute to greater efficiency, quality and security for many. 

The CloudFront network now comprises more than 200 edge locations and 12 regional mid-tier caches, dispersed among 88 cities across 45 countries. So far ahead of any of its competitors, it truly is an unbeatable solution for file sharing. 

Your typical file-sharing service sends files from A to B, in the most economical way. Think of it like buying an airfare from London to Sydney for $50. It’s cheap… but it comes with 15 stopovers, requires back-tracking all over the globe and it takes 6 days to get there. You’re a good chance of losing your bags along the way as well. This is the typical way file-sharing services work.

The situation described above might work for a student trying to save some money, but it’s unacceptable for businesses. When you send something to a client – it has to get there – quickly and reliably.

Digital Pigeon’s Optimized Route Technology delivers files from A to B, in the fastest, most direct and reliable way. Our clients demand it. So we deliver it.

You can test the speed difference by clicking here.

We place no greater importance than on that of the privacy and security of our customer’s data. Constantly working to maintain the highest information security standards, emphasised with our ISO-27001 certification, our ongoing combination with AWS provides as robust a file sharing solution as there is in the market.

A big step forward in the digital infrastructure of AWS gives just another reason to make Digital Pigeon your first choice file sharing solution. Start a free trial today to see for yourself.

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