Digital Pigeon has servers located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia

31 March, 2016

Amazon Web Services has built a world-class reputation for its cloud computing offerings. And with such a tried and tested infrastructure, it would be foolish to attempt to reinvent the wheel and come up with our own platform. That’s why we take advantage of Amazon’s!

With servers in four different continents across the world (USA, Europe, Asia and Australia), Digital Pigeon can make sure that your files get to where they need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By shortening the distance files have to travel, Digital Pigeon also reduces the likelihood of any errors occurring. The bottom line is that Digital Pigeon will send your files as fast as your and your recipients’ Internet connections will allow; meaning it will always be the fastest file transfer service for you.

We’ve got file servers in:

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Northern California, United States
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia

And we’re in good company too as Adobe, NASA, Netflix, and Spotify (just to mention a few) are also all underpinned by AWS; highlighting the trust and reassurance the platform affords.


Amazon Cloudfront CDN support now available

Digital Pigeon Enterprise customers can now also leverage Amazon Cloudfront CDN to make their international file transfers even faster.

Amazon Cloudfront uses edge servers in every major city on the planet to make file transfers even more rapid and significantly reduce the time taken to buffer files for previewing.

Initial file download requests are served securely by the source server over Amazon’s optimised network routes. Subsequent requests, however, are satisfied using a cached copy of the files residing on the edge server nearest to the recipient.

These cached files remain in place for a set period of time before being deleted, meaning that any subsequent download requests can still be seamlessly fulfilled by the edge server.

With Amazon Cloudfront CDN, physical distance is no longer a factor when sending and receiving files internationally.

For more information about Amazon Cloudfront, including a full list of edge server locations, click here.

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