Digital Pigeon Powers-up Infrastructure for the Australian Cinematographers Society Annual State & Territory Awards

16 July, 2018

Technology brings convenience, but this was not the case with the previous Australian Cinematographers Society Awards. Each state had to deliver their submissions physically on a USB stick, which was costly, slow, and inconvenient.

We wanted to change that, so we sponsored their file-sharing infrastructure! Last year was the first year they were able to confidently accept files up to 10GB (a self-imposed limit) from all states.

They had previously used software such as Hightail for contestants who couldn’t physically deliver their files, but speed was always a concern. They never offered it to all recipients because of those issues.

After doing the research, ACS Victoria Vice President Mark Morris found that Digital Pigeon has the fastest and most reliable service, which would enable quickest upload times. This year, they plan on extending their cap from 10GB, so that contributors will be able to submit ultra HD (4K) videos.

How did they do it?

ACS created a Digital Pigeon account for each state and used our website widget with some custom script. When a member logged into their platform, it would prefill all of the upload forms with their details, to make the process even more efficient and seamless. It also means ACS didn’t have to rely on entrants to get all their information and formatting perfectly correct.

Note: With our latest receive links feature, you won’t even need to create individual accounts. Just send them a unique URL to lead them to their special uploads page, where they can add their files.

Each entrant was automatically notified when their entry had been delivered, and ACS opted to get notifications for new submissions as well. Files automatically downloaded to local ACS storage once they were received.

Digital Pigeon was honored to be able to facilitate the ease and convenience of online file transfers for the ACS Awards, and looks forward to doing it again this year.

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