Video and audio previews now up to 70% faster on major modern web browsers

19 February, 2019

In November last year, we announced that the latest versions of the Digital Pigeon desktop app are capable of generating previews for video and audio files roughly 70% faster than previously, thanks to the addition of codecs to play H264 and AAC-based content (often wrapped up in the MP4 container).

We're pleased to announce that, from the start of March 2019, those same performance improvements will apply to both the latest versions of the Digital Pigeon desktop app and all the major modern web browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

Digital Pigeon Desktop app users should ensure they have version 4.1 installed before March to ensure previews continue to function as expected. To get the latest version use the 'Check for updates…' menu item.

An important note for Apple Mac OS users: The latest versions of the Digital Pigeon desktop app (and a lot of apps in general) require at least Mac OS 10.10 or above to run. Unfortunately, if you're running an earlier version of Mac OS (e.g. Mac OS Mavericks 10.9, which stopped getting critical security updates back in mid-2016), you'll need to use your favourite web browser to view video and audio previews.

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