File Sharing Fitted For an Empire

File sharing that’s fit for an Empire

8 March, 2017

How Empire’s promise to large corporates is backed up by Digital Pigeon’s speed, reliability and security

To help improve our software, we set aside time to get feedback from customers and learn about their business. This time, we got a nice surprise when they came to us first! Digby Hogan, editor and partner at post-production house Empire, contacted us for no reason other than to let us how Digital Pigeon has made his life so much simpler and that he’d be happy to share that with the world. Nice!

Empire-sized clients, files, bandwidth and distances

Empire are post production company based within Australia collaborating locally and globally, offering offline editing, sound, VFX and animation.

To quote their website, “They are a collective of creative hearts driven to deliver”. Digital Pigeon helps them deliver, quite literally, high quality TVCs and social media content for their impressive client list which includes Google, Ebay, Paypal, Vodafone and Subway.

But with big clients comes big responsibility.


Digby Hogan
The Empire Post

“I absolutely loved the interface, I loved the power behind it in the back-end… It was like falling in love twice – on the world’s best date!”

Switching to Digital Pigeon

Empire discovered Digital Pigeon when they were looking for a better way to share files. They wanted to an alternative to FTP because they were worried about it crashing, as well as issues with authentication and security.

A friend at BWM recommended Digital Pigeon to Digby about 12 months ago. After hearing his review, he simply couldn’t pass up giving Digital Pigeon a try for himself – and it was love at first sight.

“I absolutely loved the interface, I loved the power behind it in the back-end… It was like falling in love twice – on the world’s best date!” said Digby.

As you can tell, Digby is certainly an advocate of Digital Pigeon. But we asked him to dive into why it works so well for his post-production business.

Speed and reliability

“Empire’s projects demand huge resolution and bandwidth, and we’re sending large files to Europe and the US all the time. With Digital Pigeon it’s possible to send files in the GBs from Brisbane to Sydney or LA and tell them it will be there in 5 to 10 minutes. I actually send them the link before the upload has finished so the client can see the upload, at rapid pace, right in front of their eyes!”


Digby told us that his clients value security and confidentiality highly. When they asked Digby to protect their files with passwords or put expiry date on access to the files, he said it’s a real pleasure to just have to respond with, “Yep, no problem.” And then it’s as simple as a few clicks.

He found it useful that the team can also keep an eye on how many times content has been downloaded so if there was an “internal leak” at the client’s end, they could notify their primary client contact and put an end to it so easily and quickly.

Being able to reassure clients that their work is in safe hands adds a lot of value to their service. “Sometimes my clients are so amazed at how easily they handle it they ask how they do it. I just tell them – “The software does it for us!”

Visit the customers page to find out how others in post-production use the software.

Empire use Digital Pigeon to share files locally and around the world, seamlessly and quickly.

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