Forward-looking film challenge uses Digital Pigeon to reliably receive large video file submissions

6 April, 2018

Sustainability is the key to the future, and The Outlook for Someday film challenge aims to get the next generation of smart, creative minds thinking about this issue. The film challenge is open to anyone in New Zealand who are 24 years old and under, and their video submissions are open to define what sustainability means to them.

After reading about the 48 Hours film competition and how Digital Pigeon helped them meet their strict deadlines, Project Manager Chris Widdup reached out to see how we could help The Outlook for Someday’s film challenge as well.

Support for huge influx volume

In the early days of the challenge, they accepted submissions through flash drives, DVDs, and other physical delivery methods. They moved the challenge to digital for convenience and efficiency, but most of their submissions come in on the due date and “it comes in like an avalanche” said Chris.

They tried Dropbox file requests and WeTransfer, which wasn’t a good fit. They would have to download each file individually, which was slow and impeded their work.

"We played around with Dropbox file requests, which is a pain. We used WeTransfer as well. And you still have to go and click on something and then download each file individually… It's slow and you just want to get on with the work. With Digital Pigeon, the files come in seamlessly and they automatically download to your local storage," said Chris.

After moving to Digital Pigeon, they were able to create a page on their website where entrants could upload files themselves with a simple “drag and drop” system, and have it automatically download on the other side.

The results?

Chris Widdup
Project Manager
The Outlook for Someday

“This is the first year we nailed online delivery.”

Seamless feedback and re-entries

The Outlook for Someday provides technical feedback and mentorship on video files and formats, which means entrants are given multiple chances to improve and re-enter their videos.

Since this system of improvement is allowed, The Outlook for Someday needs to be notified whenever a revised entry has been uploaded so they can send feedback quickly.

Digital Pigeon was able to support these notifications via push (mobile) and email so the team could be notified on the move.

Competition prizes and results

As part of our competitions and sponsorships arrangement, the winner, Hollie Cohen for her film “Annie”, received an annual professional subscription of Digital Pigeon (value of $900 USD) and the audience favourites, the Year 9 PC Films group, for their film, “Hayden’s Time Adventure”, won an annual freelancer subscription (value of $300 USD).

Want to take a look at some highlights from the Someday Awards including a speech from NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern? You can view them below.

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