How a full-service production studio uses Digital Pigeon to help create films, documentaries, and music videos

20 April, 2018

LateNite Films is a full-service productions studio in Melbourne, and one of Digital Pigeon’s very first customers. They work with some of Australia’s largest retailers, universities, and corporations to put together music videos, feature films, documentaries, short films, and more.

We spoke with General Manager Chris Hocking to see how Digital Pigeon helps empower their processes, improve speed, and brand themselves.

Speed you can rely on

Many Australian businesses are familiar with slow Internet connections. Local internet can be quite bothersome and a roadblock to business productivity.

“Digital Pigeon solves an Aussie problem!” says Chris Hocking. “So many of Digital Pigeon’s competitors claim to have fast Australian file transfer speeds but when we’ve had to use them, we discover it’s not true.”

Chris Hocking
Technical Producer
LateNite Films

“We like to think we solve a world problem; we get fast speeds all over the world!”

Every studio needs to use delivery tools to submit files like ads. In the film industry, Aspera is a popular choice for uploads because of speed. However, Chris notes that it “usually comes to a grinding halt on a Friday afternoon,” while everyone is trying to upload ads to get them to networks on deadline.

Digital Pigeon isn’t affected by peaks and troughs like other file sharing services. You can read more about how our infrastructure handles “busy periods” in our blog post; There’s no “bandwidth rush-hour” on our “information super-highway!”

Branding opportunities vital to a growing studio

As a growing studio in a highly competitive market, branding opportunities provide value and increase reach. LateNite Films takes advantage of Digital Pigeon’s customizable pages to spread the LateNite brand.

“It’s fantastic that we can send files to clients in all our branding. It gets our name out there.” - Chris Hocking

Most of the team at LateNite Films focuses on the creative aspects of filmmaking. For example, their directors understand editing software, but don’t have the time or capacity to dive deeper into technology. The goal for the team is to produce the work, drag and drop files into their Digital Pigeon app, and “pigeon it” to their clients.

The desktop app helps make their entire workflow fast and easy. The team doesn’t need to log into a website or know any software or code. Digital Pigeon automatically starts up when the computers power on, and “it’s just become part of our workflow.”

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