How to get quick and precise feedback from clients when you’re a video and animation post production studio

5 June, 2018

How 3P studio use Digital Pigeon to collaborate with clients and nail the brief.

We recently had a chat with Haley Stibbard, Managing Director of 3P Studio about how they use Digital Pigeon to share work with their clients.

3P is a full-service, boutique post-production studio, from Brisbane, Australia. With purpose-built editorial suites, 3P’s editors, motion designers, sounds designers and 3D artists deliver premium post solutions for commercial broadcast or online content.

Their dedicated colorist and pro Tool HD sound suites allow 3P to offer a turn-key solution in all areas of post-production under the one roof.

The 3P team work on projects ranging from motion graphics and explainer video content for small businesses right through to large scale campaigns for Neds, Allianz, Flight Centre and the Brisbane Broncos to name a few.

Switching to Digital Pigeon

3P switched to Digital Pigeon after trying other well-known alternatives to deliver work to clients. Now they like it so much they recommend it to others "It’s really stable and solid." Not only did they find it was the quickest and easiest software to use, the feedback and approval tools proved to be a pleasant surprise, and a feature that has made their client review process so much more straightforward - for clients and for their team.

Fast and intuitive feedback and approvals

“The client can point and click on what they would like to have revised and we know exactly what they are referring to instantly. There is no ambiguity”

Haley Stibbard
Managing Director
3P Studio

"Before Digital Pigeon, an example of that ambiguity might be the client asking for a change at the 25 second mark when they actually meant 27 seconds. That two second difference could be enough of a difference to cause confusion - especially in short form production."

But with the time coding feature it’s as though they’re in the room, sitting beside you, showing you which part to modify. They simply click where they want the change and the system does the rest. “It means that we always get an incredibly accurate representation of the feedback. It cancels out an confusion that used to be involved and has significantly reduced unnecessary ‘toing and froing’.”

Ease of use

"Another bonus is that Digital Pigeon is intuitive to use and easy for our clients to learn. It’s quick to load and when the client presses play, their content or TVC plays instantly. They don’t need to download, saving valuable time in the studio, which is alway great." remarked Haley.

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