Give your clients a smoother experience by delaying your file deliveries

Give your clients a smoother experience by delaying your file deliveries

30 June, 2016

It might sound counterintuitive, but there are times when delaying your file deliveries will afford a more seamless experience for your clients – especially when those deliveries contain large video files.

That’s because even though Digital Pigeon now generates video previews faster than ever before, there will ultimately still be times when your client will receive an email notification saying that you’ve sent them files before the previews have been generated.

While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it obviously makes for a much better experience for your clients if the video previews are always available before they get an email notification.

It’s for this very reason that we’ve now added an option that allows you to delay the notification your client receives until after the file previews have been generated. This means that your client will always be able to view the media preview(s) as soon as they receive the email notification – eliminating the need for them to wait and providing them with a smoother overall experience as a result.

To enable this functionality, simply login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard; click on ‘Manage’ in the left-hand sidebar; and then check the ‘Wait for previews before sending notifications’ option on the main ‘Account’ tab. Alternatively, click here.



This simple option will guarantee that the media previews for all the files you send will be available to view as soon as your client receives a notification.

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