How we help Mobius Productions put content on the ‘Big Screens’ at The Oscars, Superbowl, and more

17 May, 2018

Mobius Productions does "Big Screens" and lighting at corporate and special events like Superbowl Half Time, The Oscars, The Tony Awards, The Billboard Awards, The Olympics, and even President Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration.

We sat down with Jason Rudolph of Mobius Productions, a Digital Pigeon power user, to find out how we help him manage sharing big files.

Mobius Productions needs speed, security, and instant notifications to efficiently manage files for big events. That includes videos that need to play on large screens at important events, which can reach up to 50GB for a single file. Jason expects to receive approximately 1 terabyte of content for each event, from various sources around the world.

Jason Rudolph
Mobius Productions

"In this business, you can spend a lot of time watching files move around. Digital Pigeon minimises that time greatly."

In the past, Mobius Productions has tried Dropbox, Box, WeTransfer, and physical hard drive delivery through courier. For technically advanced recipients, he would share files using Amazon S3. However, these options were not as feature-rich, fast, or secure as the company required.

How Mobius Productions uses Digital Pigeon

An enhanced workflow and speed

Jason uses his own branded upload page and our Slack notifications to simplify and supercharge his workflow.

The content house uploads files to Mobius’ upload page.

Jason gets the notification on Slack that it’s uploaded.

It’s set to automatically download to his computer at the venue (usually during rehearsals).

He gets the video content up on stage on the big screens as quickly as possible.

Digital Pigeon’s speed plays an integral part in getting content onto the big screens, even with last minute changes from the content houses.

Keeping intellectual property safe

In addition to receiving large files, Jason also uses Digital Pigeon to get files to video editors and producers.

He can send recordings of rehearsals through a secure link, complete with password protection and an automated expiry date. The security features protect any intellectual property and ensure everything is as confidential and secure as possible.

That way, content houses can make adjustments based on how the screens look during rehearsals, for an even better show.

Use Case: iHeartRadio Music Festival

The iHeartRadio Music Festival was held at the T-Mobile Arena on The Strip, in Las Vegas. It lasted for 2 days and included music artists like Miley Cyrus, David Guetta, Demi Lovato, Coldplay, The Weeknd, Pink and Big Sean.

Jason had been experimenting with Digital Pigeon’s new “receive links” and custom branding features. Whereas previous artists would send content through different disconnected channels, like Vimeo and Dropbox, in 2017 they were able to consolidate all media for the acts (branding, photography) in one upload page.

"We might have a heap of [large files] coming through, 8 or 9 all at once. Digital Pigeon just handles it." - Jason Rudolph

A music video for the big screens at the festival would be approximately 50GB for a single file with a 5-minute song. During the festival, Mobius Productions had 8 or 9 of these giant files coming through at one time, which wasn’t a problem for Digital Pigeon.

In addition to the reliability and speed, the ability to scrub through web previews quickly also helps when there are numerous files they need to manage quickly.

Why Mobius Productions loves Digital Pigeon

We also asked Jason why he continues to use Digital Pigeon. Here are his kind words.

"Well it works and it’s reliable. That’s a given. But what I like is you guys just keep adding really great new features, like the receive links. I’m always looking to improve things and your new features are always really helpful."

"Also, the support from your team is great and I love getting checked in on to see if everything is OK." - Jason Rudolph

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