Introducing lossless audio streaming and playlist view

14 May, 2018

Our latest update was made with audio production studios front-of-mind.

We’ve made two major upgrades that are going to make you smile.

Lossless audio streaming (FLAC)

Sending large files is Digital Pigeon’s forte, and has enabled audio production studios to share high fidelity audio files to any recipient. We even convert a number of audio file formats into streamable and playable files.

But due to web browser limitations, this has come at the cost of compression.

Not anymore.

Moving forward, your audio previews can be generated as lossless FLAC, as well as 320 kbps AAC and OGG formats. We’ve updated our software so that as long as you upload lossless files to Digital Pigeon, the files that your recipients will stream at a lossless FLAC quality by default.

Most modern versions of browsers now support lossless FLAC (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) Read more about which browsers and operating systems support lossless FLAC.

Present your audio files with our new playlist view

Not only is our playlist view a beautiful way to present your work, it's incredibly user friendly for your recipients.

Your users have full control over which audio file to listen to - without having to download it. They can then flip through files if they are looking for something quickly, and provide precise time coded feedback within the file.

When one audio file ends, Digital Pigeon will automatically play the next file in your playlist.

This is useful when sending voice over samples or auditions, like our customers, Bang Bang Studios and Big Mouth Media.

Here’s an example of how the new audio playlist feature will look to your recipients.

Audio Playlist Feedback

With this new format, you can also get your recipients to comment with our time coded feedback. The recipient doesn't even need to login or create an account and all feedback can conveniently be exported into a TXT or CSV file.

The feedback will appear in the timeline of the file, like below.

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