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It’s time to create video content to uplift your remote service delivery, and we can help you share it.

14 May, 2020

Clients love when you deliver an amazing piece of work, but they will rave about you if they enjoyed the collaboration experience along the way. The world of virtual connection capabilities (and the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions keeping us at home) means you can work with clients remotely no matter where they are. One of the challenges with remote working is being able to still provide personal touch points along the way. This is where “remote service delivery uplift” videos could help. We take a look at some new ideas for content, and then once you’ve created it, we can help you share it.

Video content is obviously great for marketing purposes to showcase your services and past work examples. The product promo with Slack for team collaboration is a great example of that and this is a great way to get your warm leads. The type of content we are talking about here, however, is for uplifting the steps that come next during your remote service delivery cycle. Our suggestions are to look at your clienton-boarding process, as well as your final deliverable distribution, which we think has the potential to become the new virtual ‘unboxing’ experience.

On-boarding client opportunities

When it comes to landing a new client you want their first impression to be a good one. Delivering your project proposal/quote/brief is a great opportunity to bring yourdocument to life with a personalised overview video. This could introduce your team, recent similar work, and express how much you’re looking forward to working with that particular client. Once that helps seal the deal, and the contracts are signed, think about sending a client on-boarding video. This provides an overview of the process, who to contact for questions and feedback, and things they can get ready on their side to help you, help them get a great project outcome.

The digital “unboxing” experience

With online shopping deliveries we saw the phenomenon of the product ‘unboxing’ experience via YouTube. What if we use this as inspiration to create a digital unboxing experience when delivering your final project files to your client? This is the time to add some bonus extra content that can hopefully wow your client. We’re thinking maybe a short behind the scenes, or day in the life of your team making of video. Then adding a final personalised ‘thank you for choosing to work with us’ short video, which is the digital version of the old handwritten note that came back into fashion recently.

Sharing your video files

Once you’ve got your content, the next step is how to best share these potentially big files. This is where we can help with your digital file sharing, and let you easily send these videos to anyone, anytime, anywhere. As these videos are going to be confidential you can securely send large files with your Digital Pigeon account, particularly for those already using this method for your project files anyway. Plus there are plenty of options with the mobile app to let you track when people are checking out the files, that don’t require you to be stuck at your desk (even if you’re stuck at home!). That way you can see if they are watching all that extra goodness.

For those of you looking to try Digital Pigeon for yourself, you can sign up now for our 14 day free trial.

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