Need to receive large files? No problem!

Need to receive large files? No problem!

30 June, 2016

The majority of our customers are digital media producers and marketers who use Digital Pigeon to send large files to their clients – really quickly and highly reliably.  That is what we’re known for!

But did you know that Digital Pigeon also allows your clients to quickly and seamlessly send you large files too?

In fact, Digital Pigeon provides you with two distinct ways to receive large files: via a branded upload page and/or a bespoke website widget.


Your branded upload page

Upon creation of your Digital Pigeon account, you will have been asked to choose a custom subdomain. This usually takes the form of ‘’.

Navigating to this custom subdomain will bring up a page via which your clients can send you large files. This bespoke page can (and should) be branded and in keeping with the theme of your company website to further maintain the trust and relationships you have built with your clients.

From your branded upload page, your clients can quickly, easily and intuitively send you large files and folders.

As well as a file selection tool – which supports drag and drop – there’s the ability for your clients to add their name (optional); email address (required); a subject line (required); and a message (optional).

You’ll see in your Digital Pigeon account any files that you have been sent, and we’ll even notify you by email also, just in case you’re not logged in.

Utilise your very own Digital Pigeon website widget

Digital Pigeon also provides you with a mobile-responsive, website widget to place where you see fit. You can put it on a standalone page or as a popup.

This approach enables your clients to send you large files via a website that they know and trust – yours!

Moreover, our widget tool allows you to customise all of the text and colours used in your widget so that they match the overall theme of your company website.

As with your branded upload page, your clients will be able to enter their name (optional); email address (required); a subject line (required); and a message (optional).

How our customers use the ‘receive files‘ feature:

Here’s how some of our customers are using the Digital Pigeon receive widget:

  • Television studios have used it to receive audition videos from applicants for reality TV shows.
  • Countless photographers use this tool to receive images back from local and offshore photo retouching services.
  • Post-production teams receive raw video files from their production studios.
  • Web designers have effortlessly received images, audio, video and other content from their clients.

These are just a few examples of how our customers are using it. If you need help identifying a way your industry you can use it in your workflow, let us know – we’d be happy to assist.

(Chances are one of our customers is already using it in a similar way!)

To help make the experience even more seamless for your clients and vendors, we’ve added some behind-the-scenes technology known as the “geomatch accelerator”.  It automatically detects your client or vendor’s location and ensures that their upload is made to the closest file server (in either North America, Europe, Asia or Australia).  This gives them the fastest and most reliable upload experience possible.

Where can I find links for my upload page and website widget?

Simply login to your Digital Pigeon dashboard;  click on ‘Receive’ in the left-hand sidebar; and you’ll see the following screen as shown below:

The personal receive files link and the personal website upload widget will allow your clients to send files to your individual Digital Pigeon profile. The account receive files link and website upload widget will allow your clients to send files to all members of your individual Digital Pigeon account.

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