How a Post Production Editor Discovered a Video Tool That Brought Success

16 March, 2018

Year after year, freelance post editor Darius Family has worked on a dazzling amount of Australian television, advertisements, independent feature films, music videos, and short films during his near decade in business. His core focus in recent years has been in advertising which requires blazing speed in both post-production and in delivery.

In the early years, he used the likes of Vimeo to send video previews and deliverables to his clients. He soon found out, though, that some of its features were time-consuming, even clunky.

Challenge No. 1: Repetitive, Wasteful Tasks

First, with the number of outputs he was doing, managing video files for his works in progress (WIPs) as they progressed through the stages of post production became tedious and time consuming.

Challenge No. 2: Slow Transfer Speeds

In the fast-paced world of advertising, files have to get out to the agencies at near-light speed. Vimeo just didn’t cut it for this in-demand post-producer, with upload speeds being average and transcoding times always too long.

The Solution: A “Tool for Power Users”

In 2014, Family turned to the digital file-sharing experts at Digital Pigeon for help. The difference was immediate—and profound.

First of all, the speed. Although Family’s post-production equipment itself worked swiftly, he lacked a way to share it quickly. With Digital Pigeon, though, he could get previews to his clients faster than ever before, with only the click of a button. Furthermore, the ability to set an expiration date on each video he sent to his clients meant he was no longer wasting time deleting videos.

He lists two other Digital Pigeon features that helped his business leapfrog over his competitors:

  • Email notifications: He says, “Digital Pigeon’s email notifications are so handy. I know exactly when clients have seen and opened videos.”
  • Branded, formatted communications: “My clients receive a nicely formatted email and a custom-branded page to view and download my files,” says Family.

“Digital Pigeon,” says Family, “has so much more to offer. Ultimately for me, it’s an efficiency thing. Digital Pigeon makes getting files to and from my clients effortless and near instant, which is something that my clients have really come to value. Digital Pigeon is a match made in heaven—a true tool for power users.”

That very efficiency inspired Family to launch a new business, Providing productised post-production services to ad agencies would have been bottlenecked with Vimeo or other data-sharing services. But with Digital Pigeon, his clients can upload massive raw files to Post Lab and then have the alert sent directly to his project management system.

“Digital Pigeon,” Family says, “makes this kind of thing possible. There is no other service out there like this. The closest in terms of speed would be Aspera, but the cost of it (and the hassle that you and your recipients need to download software) is a pain. I couldn’t even try them—I had to speak to a sales consultant. You can’t just sign up. You have to contact the sales team. But I’ve found out—Digital Pigeon is just as good—if not better—than Aspera.”

How Digital Pigeon Can Help You

Your business, too, can benefit from the blinding speeds, convenience, and brand-forward communications that Digital Pigeon offers. Start your company’s free trial today.

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