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14 May, 2017

Big Mouth Media began using Digital Pigeon to streamline their processes and become more efficient

We love chatting to our customers about how they use Digital Pigeon and everyone’s use is a little bit different. Big Mouth Media, an eLearning narration company is no exception. We talked with their owner and voice over artist, Paul Seidel about why they made the switch from three tools to just using Digital Pigeon.

Switching to Digital Pigeon – three tools in one

The lack of reliability was initially what led Big Mouth Media to go searching for an alternative. They desperately needed something that was consistently reliable to send files from A to B. In Paul’s own words, “Getting the supporting technology right has been our biggest challenge. If your file transfer service is unreliable, it can not only slow an entire project down – you could even miss a deadline”.

But when they made the switch to Digital Pigeon, they found it did much, much more than originally expected. One of the main advantages they found with Digital Pigeon was that they were able to greatly streamline their processes.

“We used to use and have to pay for 3 separate tools that Digital Pigeon does on its own – sending large files, receiving large files and handling file storage.” said Paul.


Paul Seidel
Paul Seidel
Managing Director
Big Mouth Media

“We didn’t need to search or pay for more software, Digital Pigeon does it all!”

Consistency and streamlining with Digital Pigeon

“Now there is consistency in the process”.

When Big Mouth Media went searching for a more reliable file sharing tool, they were surprised not only to get added functionality – but also some “nice touches” like adding our own custom-branded page for our clients to preview or download our work.

The paper trail and accountability with activity tracking and notifications was also handy. Paul said that he loves “knowing immediately if clients have previewed or downloaded the files. It also means than I can send files, walk away and then get a notification on my iPhone through the app”.

And now they’ve gone and added video!

Since speaking with Paul, he told us that they’ve launched a new component of the business – Big Mouth Media Digital – their video production arm. “We’re now using Digital Pigeon to send video drafts and final outputs to clients. We didn’t need to search or pay for more software, Digital Pigeon does it all!”

Which tools do you use to help with your processes?

Or have you cut some too out too as a result of using Digital Pigeon? Tell us about it in the comments below.

You can also read more about how Digital Pigeon can help with improving your workflow.

Big Mouth Media reduced the number of tools in their workflow to make life easier. You can too.

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