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26 April, 2017

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How chart-topping record producer J-POP Music Group uses Digital Pigeon to get their work from Japan to the rest of the world

We like to show you how different customers use Digital Pigeon in their businesses. So when we had a chat with Jeff Miyahara, CEO and founder of J-POP Music Group, it was fascinating to hear about how his company uses Digital Pigeon to send work all over the world.

File delivery that brings the world closer together

J-POP Music Group are an international record production business focused on J-POP. They produce over 150 songs a year, working with clients globally, with primary focus in Japan, Korea, USA, Taiwan, and Asia.

A truly global company, Jeff Miyahara says his multi-cultural and multi-lingual background (LA-raised, half Korean, half Japanese) is the foundation for his approach to song writing and production. He works with a team of Grammy Award winning producers, songwriters, composers, singers, lyricists, audio engineers and marketers. Based in Tokyo, they work with breakthrough artists and songwriters globally to produce and market their music around the world.

J-POP Music Group have produced a multitude of chart topping hits that have added up to over 30,000,000 units (digital and CDs) sold.


Jeff Miyahara
CEO and Founder
J-POP Music Group

“The interface is so reliable and easy for my clients to use. I send them the work and they know exactly what to do.”


Switching to Digital Pigeon

J-Pop Music Group began looking for something else when they were experiencing problems with the high profile file sharing service they’d been using for ten years. With the previous file sharing tool, transfers were getting slower and slower and the site was down for maintenance far too often.

“It got to the point where clients would call and say they couldn’t download the file.” said Jeff. “In this job, clients expect the files to be there in minutes. It’s a global industry, it’s 24/7 and there is no excuse for not being able to get something to someone – anywhere at any time.”

Feeling that their previous file sharing service had lost their way, they began searching for something else. “Our business heavily relies on huge amounts of data – we need bullet proof software for file delivery.”

Luckily, they found Digital Pigeon.

Improving their workflow

J-POP Music Group depend on Digital Pigeon to fit in with their processes. According to Jeff, this is time sensitive work and they simply don’t have time for failed file exchanges. The team use the software from ideation to completion – including both sending work to clients and receiving feedback and additional media from them, “We send 32 bit, 96KHz audio files straight out of Pro Tools or Logic Pro X, without any hiccups or problems. It’s just easy – and we’re using it across a combo of Mac & PC and mobile devices.”

Team Management

J-POP Music Group have a team based approach to their work, so this means that they need to send files to lots of different people in the company for review or feedback. Digital Pigeon’s activity tracking tool is perfect for keeping track of the project’s versions and changes between team members. Jeff also commented that “It’s so easy to know where my staff are up to on a project and know when the client has listened to our work, even when I’m travelling.”

Client Management

Jeff told us he’d also noticed it was a lot easier for clients to actually view the work than his previous service. “The interface is so reliable and easy for my clients to use. I send them the work and they know exactly what to do.”

As we do with all interviewees, we asked if there was anything else Jeff wished Digital Pigeon could do, or any new features he’d like to see added.

He said “I just wish you guys had a feedback tool so that my clients could provide precise and time-accurate feedback on our files.” When we said that we did have a feedback tool and showed him he couldn’t believe that he missed it. He said, “Wow, this is literally the perfect tool for people in my business.”

He finished with “And I just love your logo!”.

Thanks Jeff, so do we!

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