Updates to Digital Pigeon over the last 12 months

18 May, 2018

Over the last twelve or so months, we’ve been busy adding a whole bunch of features to make Digital Pigeon even faster, easier to use and more powerful for your business.

Here’s a short summary of some of those updates:

Slack integration

Integrate with Slack for notifications. You and your team can get pinged whenever someone previews, downloads, or sends feedback (more on that below).

Cloud storage integration

Upload files straight from Dropbox or Google Drive. It saves you bandwidth and allows you to use our fast transfer speeds for your Dropbox/Google Drive files.

Video scrubbing

Use video scrubbing to see exactly which file you’re dealing with. Just hover your mouse to hear a short clip. We’ve also added frame stepping so users can be precise with feedback.


Watermark your content to keep your intellectual property secure. You can set it up so that recipients can only view your work - not download it, leaving you in full control.

Feedback & Approvals

Get feedback and approvals within your files. Recipients can add timestamped comments to instant media previews to keep the feedback process clear and precise.

Learn more about Feedback & Approvals here.

New audio features

Just recently, we’ve added an audio playlist view and audio files can now be streamed in lossless FLAC format so that your recipients get a beautiful sounding experience of your work.

Customise and control how you receive files

You can now set up individual links to receive files from others. You can also control what unique branding displays on the link and how they get tagged when you get sent you files.

Even faster technology

We have enabled a content delivery network (CDN) and optimized route technology to ensure your files are delivered in the fastest, most direct and reliable way possible.

The speeds we can transfer files at are faster than ever before. Here’s more info about how we use Amazon’s CDN to get files from A to B, quickly.

Time for another go?

In the email we’ve sent you, you’ll have a unique link that connected to the email address you used when you originally tried Digital Pigeon. With this link you’ll get 3 months of use - absolutely free! No credit card required.

Just remember though, it’s limited to the first 50 people who use that link!

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