How a content creation business is reliably sending large files around the world

26 September, 2019

Artists in Motion is a creative projects company specialising in light shows, visual effects, and large-scale projections.

If you've been to Tokyo Disneyland, Vivid in Sydney, Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong, Legoland Malaysia, Clusters of Light in Cairo, or White Night in Melbourne, you may have seen some of their work in the music and light shows.

Each of our projects is defined by a unique set of challenges. These challenges lead us to unique results. Our instincts to continually push our thinking is what propels us forward. What’s in motion stays in motion. - Artists in Motion

With projects around the world, including North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, it can get hard to coordinate such large-scale projects from their offices in Sydney and Hong Kong. Their team of artists travel to and from large events for most of the year, with the main production based in Sydney.

The challenge: Constant tweaks to terabytes of files

When you send files from one end of the globe to another, the key is speed and reliability. Before Digital Pigeon, staff literally had to get on a plane to deliver terabytes of files in a physical hard drive.

"We are making small tweaks to our work constantly, often right up to the last minute." - Kelly Turner

Even after the team had physically brought the files to a location, they sometimes found that the colours they saw in Sydney would look different project in the real-world environment. This meant they needed a way to quickly communicate changes back to Sydney, then get those updated files back ASAP.

How does Artists in Motion use Digital Pigeon?

Artists in Motion turned to Digital Pigeon to deliver those terabytes of files across the world, quickly and reliably, without any loss in quality.

Kelly Turner
Technical Operations Manager
Artists in Motion

"We used to have to send people to locations with a physical storage device with our work. Now we can Pigeon it."

Today, they no longer need to send staff in a plane to deliver a physical hard drive, and their on-site and Sydney production teams can collaborate and send files back and forth right up to show time.

Artists in Motion also uses Digital Pigeon to receive large files from their freelancers and contractors around the world, including at times sending and receiving files in and out of mainland China, "which has its challenges" said Kelly/David.

They use Digital Pigeon to send branded pitch documents and showreels to prospective clients. It's so easy to use, their recipients don't even need an account to view and comment on what they send.

Finally, they use Digital Pigeon's expiring files feature to send stakeholders briefing documents, since they "know it's secure."

Today, Artists in Motion enjoys quick and seamless file transfers, even for 100s of gigabytes. Digital Pigeon enables them to practice their art with minimal logistics headaches, save on airline travel, and keep their teams and shareholders synced up.

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