Marketing and web design agency uses Digital Pigeon to receive content from clients and present work

20 September, 2018

Any web design agency knows that getting content from clients can be extremely difficult. Everyone is busy, no-one has time to learn new tools, and many professionals are 'time poor.'

No one knows this better than Toro Digital, a web design and digital agency that works with busy marketing teams in law firms. Marketing teams and lawyers don’t have time to waste on USB sticks, and they certainly have no interest in learning the technical aspects of sending files through FTP. They are busy, under pressure, and need their agencies to make lives easier, not harder.

Toro Digital Managing Director Paul Evans turned to us to help create a seamless digital experience for their clients.

Receive large files from clients

"When we started looking for solutions to receive large volumes of content, we needed a tool that made things as quick, simple and frictionless for clients as possible," said Paul.

Toro Digital used to receive 100s, and sometimes 1000s of photographs across multiple USB sticks in the mail. It was a huge bottleneck in their workflow and organising it was a pain point for the entire team.

When building websites, this would often result in delays because they had problems getting the assets they needed.

Huge improvements to workflow

Toro Digital has been using Digital Pigeon for a number of years, and have benefitted from it in more ways than one.

Their main reason for choosing Digital Pigeon was simplicity and a streamlined workflow. They had tried 2 or 3 other tools that were inconvenient and unintuitive.

Digital Pigeon made receiving files simple, "but the tool has grown heaps since we first started using it," says Paul.

Toro Digital’s remote team centers around Google Drive and Slack, so shortly after we saw the need, we implemented new integrations to fit their workflow.

"Getting alerts in Slack - on my iMac and iPhone - from clients when they send us files is fantastic. Our design and content teams get the alerts - and it removes a bottleneck in our business’ workflow." - Paul Evans

Cleaner inboxes and happier recipients

According to Paul, "one of our larger clients told us after we sent one batch of graphic design work to them through Digital Pigeon, that, they loved getting a link to download the files rather than a series of attachments or one big ZIP file."

When we asked why that really mattered, Paul told us that their IT team restricts the size of their email inbox. By simply adding a 'share link’ to an email, their clients could just follow the link to preview or download their work.

Paul Evans
Managing Director
Toro Digital

"It doesn't clog up the marketing team’s inbox - or worse, prevent emails from coming through because of IT restrictions. And because we get a notification when the link has been accessed, we know they’ve got the files"

Toro Digital now send all their client work, even small files, through Digital Pigeon. Plus, it's highly confidential, since they can password protect any upload and set automatic expiry dates on each transfer.

Presenting work professionally

In addition to streamlined workflows and cleaner inboxes, Toro Digital has also been able to better brand their services.

They created a theme for each client, using client logos, colour schemes, and a marketing photograph or illustration. So when they receive work from Toro Digital, it's presented beautifully and branded.

"It takes five minutes to set up but we’ve had countless comments from marketing teams on this. It’s a nice touch." - Paul Evans

They were also one of the first to test out our new "Receive Links" functionality. With the ability to send a unique upload URL to each client, and tag all of the incoming files automatically, they were able to save time and customise individual themes while setting their different Receive Links.

Is it always challenging to receive large files from clients? Start a free, 14-day trial with Digital Pigeon today to see how easy it can be.

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