Audio Production

Six ways Digital Pigeon can help your audio production studio:

Lossless audio playback

Present your audio files as a beautiful playlist. Recipients can stream audio directly from their browser is lossless FLAC quality.

Seamless, precise feedback

In addition to playback, recipients can provide time-coded feedback directly on waveforms, even without a Digital Pigeon account. Keep the feedback experience quick and seamless so you can get projects completed more quickly.

Use your studio’s branding

Present your work professionally, with your own studio’s branding. Make an even bigger impression by adding your client’s branding to playback pages.

Receive master files with ease

Receive master files from Film & TV studios easily with Digital Pigeon’s ability to handle massive video files, quickly and reliably.

Track activity with notifications

Activity tracking cuts out time-wasting follow-up emails and phone calls. Get immediate notifications when a recipient accesses work or when you receive files.

Automate your workflow

Automatically tag client files when you receive them, to keep uploads organized and easy to find. You can also automate downloads to your local or cloud storage platform to save you significant project management time.

How do audio producers use Digital Pigeon to help their business?

Replacing multiple tools

Our audio production clients have used Digital Pigeon to replace multiple sharing and collaboration tools. Read how Paul Seidel from Big Mouth Media replaced three, separate tools with a streamlined service.

Getting feedback

Many of our audio production customers use Digital Pigeon as their hub for collaborating with clients, vendors, stakeholders, and partners, with accurate time-coded feedback for both audio and video files.

Sharing files all over the world

Jeff Miyahara of Japanese-based production studio, J-Pop, uses Digital Pigeon for their servers all over the world. J-Pop found that files wouldn’t deliver correctly over long distance, but with Digital Pigeon servers and a content delivery network situated all around the world, sending to the US and Europe from Asia was seamless and easy.

Creating playlists and audio reels

Audio producers use Digital Pigeon to put together curated playlists and audio reels to present options to clients. This is regularly used to show clients voice over work, sound bites, samples and radio advertisements, and more.

Casting calls

As part of their sound production studio work, Bang Bang Studios often casts voice over artists for advertising agencies. The Bang Bang team uses Digital Pigeon to compile highly curated and relevant groups of voice demos with their own Bang Bang branding.

Receiving video content

Audio production and post-production studios use Digital Pigeon to receive master files from FIlm & TV Studios. Rather than waiting for long FTP upload times or couriered hard-drives, audio producers can get started on their work immediately as they receive files from anywhere in the world.

You have deadlines to meet. Test out Digital Pigeon’s reliability and simplicity for yourself.

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