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Six ways we'll help your studio

Never ask “did you get it?” ever again.

Activity tracking cuts out time wasted on follow-up emails and phone calls – you’ll know automatically from the notifications when your recipient has accessed your work.

Manage large volumes of audio content & emails

Not only can you can send and store your files in one place, you can remove absurdly long email chains between teams and clients.

You won’t miss deadlines because of file delivery

Your project won’t ever be held up by missing files or slow transfers. When you’re squeezed for time, Digital Pigeon is the consistently reliable tool you can count on to deliver.

Your clients will love seamless playback

When you send your work to clients, they can instantly listen to your work on any device – rather than having to download each file. You don’t even need to convert the file to a specific format – we have it covered!

Produce relevant showreels, quickly

With Digital Pigeon, you can can quickly put together and customised showreels based on your client’s industry or requirements… and deliver it, in your own studio’s branding.

Improve workflow with client feedback

Digital Pigeon can help you streamline your work’s version control and receive client feedback and approvals, instantly and easily. Your clients don’t even need to create an account with us!

Holli Dee
Bang Bang Studios
"Digital Pigeon delivers. Quite simply - It just works."

The team at the sound design and music composition studio, Bang Bang Studios, tried out Digital Pigeon over three years ago after a high-profile large file sharing service repeatedly let them down.

“We were tired of dealing with failed uploads and having to rely on other ways to get work to clients by the deadline.” said Holli.

Bang Bang partners with some of Australia’s largest advertising agencies, producing work for many very well-known brands. File delivery isn’t a nice-to-have… it’s a must-have.

Three years on, they’ve never looked back.

“Honestly, we take Digital Pigeon for granted...”

The team of six, based in Melbourne, Australia, produce sound design and original music for short and long form productions - with a large majority of their work featuring in TVCs and radio commercials.

Holli explained that for their TVC projects, the music and sound are often the last piece of work to complete the project.

“We’re usually racing against the clock when we’re using using Digital Pigeon because our partners have deadlines to meet. Honestly, we take Digital Pigeon for granted because it just works. And that’s what we need… something that is reliable”.

Managing high volumes of files

Digital Pigeon is known for being able to handle massive file sizes and sending them quickly over long distances. But for Bang Bang, a lot of their clients are National and their typical file size is about 2-10 MB. So how is Digital Pigeon helpful?

“Just in one day, we would send several people in a number of agencies, multiple versions of files, and often a number of versions and options. With Digital Pigeon, it’s so easy to keep track of who has been sent what and whether or not they have accessed the work”.

“We use it for casting all the time”

Bang Bang Studios often cast voice over artists for advertising agencies. The Bang Bang team can quickly put together a highly curated and relevant group of voice demos and send them via Digital Pigeon with their own Bang Bang branding.

Just part of the workflow now

Bang Bang Studios use Digital Pigeon every day. Just like their recording equipment, microphones and editing software - Digital Pigeon is another tool that helps the team at Bang Bang Studios do their jobs,.

”It’s a bit like using a phone - when we need it, it's there, it works.”

Customer Stories

Distraction-free, Full Screen File Viewing Mode Now Available

26 October, 2016

Did you know that your clients can now take advantage of a full screen viewing mode on the file delivery page? It’s a little addition we’ve made to afford an even more distraction-free viewing experience for your clients. It also works particularly well when you’ve sent them a large number of files by allowing them

Digital Pigeon

Introducing New Filtering and Sorting Options for Sent Files

Introducing New Filtering and Sorting Options for Sent Files

24 October, 2016

With Digital Pigeon, you get fantastic insights into what your clients have done with the files you’ve sent them. For example, you can see when your client has received what you’ve sent them and, more importantly, exactly how many times a particular file has been viewed/downloaded. However, we know that sometimes

Digital Pigeon

Need to receive large files? No problem!

Need to receive large files? No problem!

30 June, 2016

The majority of our customers are digital media producers and marketers who use Digital Pigeon to send large files to their clients – really quickly and highly reliably.  That is what we’re known for! But did you know that Digital Pigeon also allows your clients to quickly and seamlessly send you large files too?

Digital Pigeon

You have deadlines to meet. Test out Digital Pigeon’s reliability and simplicity for yourself.

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  • I decided to send off the same files at the same time using Hightail and Digital Pigeon, and the Digital Pigeon files went in half the amount of time.

    carolyn-sylvester Carolyn Sylvester
    Freelance Television Director
  • The fastest platform to get our work off to our clients.  We’ve tried other file transfer software but Digital Pigeon is by far the quickest and easiest for our clients and us to use.

    Haley Stibbard-image Haley Stibbard
    Managing Director
    3P Studio
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