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Easy and reliable large file transfers

Businesses are only as good as the systems they rely on and with Digital Pigeon, you're in good hands. We have developed a cutting edge platform that gives businesses of every size and industry the most reliable and accurate large file sending and receiving services.

Six ways Digital Pigeon can help your Graphics, Web or 3D studio:

Receive content from clients and others

Getting content from clients is a cumbersome task. Digital Pigeon streamlines this process and makes it easier for both your agency and clients.

Accept video, photographs, style guides, and any large files seamlessly, and far more simply than FTP.

Your own branding on delivery pages

Present design work with your own branding to add a professional touch.

Rather than just sending an FTP link to download, you can present your final work beautifully and with your or your client’s branding.

Activity tracking keeps projects moving

Keep everyone on the same page.

With instant notifications, your whole team gets alerted when clients send, approve, or view work.

This removes bottlenecks in production and arms project managers with useful information about receiving content and feedback from clients.

Make it easy for clients to view work

"I can't open that file."

Many clients don’t have the software needed to open the files you create. Rather than having to convert the files to other formats, Digital Pigeon will create a preview that can be viewed on any device with an Internet connection.

Automate your workflows

"Tag" clients when you receive work from them, to keep uploads easy to find and refer to later. You can also automate downloads to your local or cloud storage platform to save significant project management time.

One-click approvals save everyone time

Get client approvals with a single click, so you can move on to the next stage in your workflow. Track who did what, even if your clients don't have a Digital Pigeon account. Reduce emails and calls, tenfold!

Our web and graphic design studio customers tell us they use Digital Pigeon for:


The most common positive feedback we get is how Digital Pigeon has reduced a significant amount of back and forth emails. This speeds up production cycles, which helps them work more effectively and get paid more quickly.


Many studios work with freelancers from around the world, who may not have optimal Internet speeds. Digital Pigeon upload speeds make sending and receiving files, quick and reliable, no matter how far they have to travel. No more waiting for hours (or even days) for files to sync across a cloud storage provider!


Agencies dealing with large corporate clients can make it easy for them to preview or download large files with just a link. This eliminates inbox clutter, since you won’t need to send large files via email or get filtered out by stringent IT policies. Our agency clients tell us that it’s been so useful they use Digital Pigeon for all files - not just large ones!


Studios can create custom branded Digital Pigeon pages with client assets as part of their onboarding processes. You can also set up workflows so that the right project manager knows when files have been uploaded from their client, while auto-tagged files make them easy to find and sort.


Web and graphic design agencies often manage a series of vendors on behalf of their clients - writers, photographers, videographers, digital marketers, etc. Digital Pigeon’s workflow features make it easy to receive content, all in one place.


Many agencies and studios present slide decks to clients when pitching for work. After the pitch, they might email the presentation only to find that it doesn’t get through because of a firewall or the file is too large. Digital Pigeon allows you to showcase your files beautifully, without ugly FTP links.

Studios tell us that Digital Pigeon helps speed up their project delivery, immensely.

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3 common reasons design studios make the switch to Digital Pigeon:


Smooth file transfers regardless of size or location

Once upon a time, to transfer big files you needed to transport them physically on portable storage. Today, as the internet becomes faster and more reliable, and as the communications infrastructure continues to grow and improve around the world, you can send virtually any size file. However, not all services make the most of these advancements. We do.


User-friendly technology suitable for clients

Digital Pigeon streamlines the process and makes this technology easy for your clients to use. Large files can by still sent without impacting your client's inboxes. Huge design files, including large 3D graphics and animation files, are never too big for the Digital Pigeon service.


Receiving big web files has never been faster or easier

Our service is popular with graphics and web agencies who need content from clients. Your clients will never have a problem with sending large images including photography, branding elements and video content.


Start your free trial and find out for yourself how easy sending large files can be.

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