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The ultimate in fast, large file transfers over distance

You and your team have spent countless hours producing a piece of content for your client.  You’ve undergone planning, gathered rounds of feedback from all the stakeholders and now you’re delivering the finished work for the client to share with their executive team in the next board meeting.

They press play.  Buffering… Buffering...

All that work and it’s your file-sharing software that has let you and your client down.

Digital Pigeon utilises Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN to seriously accelerate the speed of large file transfers over distance.  Through “Edge” servers strategically located around the globe, your content is delivered and can be streamed and downloaded by clients quickly and seamlessly.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Content Delivery Network




Give you and your clients the ultimate file-sharing experience with our CDN technology.

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Less Stopovers

Optimized Route Technology

Your typical file-sharing service sends file from A to B, in the most economical way. Think of it like buying an airfare from London to Sydney for $50. It’s cheap… but it comes with 15 stopovers, requires back-tracking all over the globe and it take 6 days to get there. You’re a good chance of losing your bags along the way as well. This is the typical way file-sharing services work.

The situation described above might work for a student trying to save some money, but it's unacceptable for businesses. When you send something to a client - it has to get there - quickly and reliably.

Digital Pigeon’s Optimized Route Technology delivers files from A to B, in the fastest, most direct and reliable way. Our clients demand it. So we deliver it.

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Edge CDN

Edge CDN Servers are a lot like convenience stores. They’re located all over the place so that you can easily and quickly access whatever it is you need. Edge CDN Servers are the same… but they store files… not milk.

Here’s an example of how it works. You send a few GBs of files from Singapore to your client’s offices in New York and Paris. Through our ‘Optimized Route Technology’, the files are going to get there really quickly. But with Edge CDN Servers, after the first person in Paris has accessed the files you sent them - it keeps a copy of these files on the Paris Edge Server. And this happens for each location. Without Edge CDN technology, the files would need to be retrieved from Singapore each time - slowing down the whole experience.

Digital Pigeon utilises Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN to provide this service. It is unrivalled in speed, security, reliability and it’s vast global network of servers.

Digital Pigeon is serious about speed and reliability. We bet your clients are as well.

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