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Make your mark, every time.


Make Digital pigeon your own

Digital Pigeon is one of the few file transfer services that offers custom branding. With this feature you can brand your pages with your own (or your client’s) branding. You can even get your own URL.

Custom branding instils confidence in your clients and oozes professionalism. Consider it the equivalent of an online handshake.

Even though technology is ubiquitous in our business and lives, so much of business is still about relationships.

Online communication might have replaced a lot of face-to-face interactions, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t (and can’t) give it that human touch.

Give your clients that personal touch with your branding... or theirs!

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Build your brand

Digital Pigeon allows you to present your work in a way that reflects your brand.

With the intuitive branding editor you can:

  • Choose your own colour scheme
  • Select your choice of font
  • Add a logo with placement options
  • Use a background image/photo
  • Choose detailed options or stick to something minimal
  • Set default preview options

Your own URL

Send files using your own unique URL. It’s like delivering documents in a personalised envelope.

Freelancer and professional plans come with your own vanity URL:

Business plans take it one step further with a custom URL:


Create a unique page for your clients

Digital Pigeon gives you the option of several custom pages. So you can customise download pages according to your client’s own branding. Make them feel special.

  • Choose from 10 custom-branded themes on the Freelancer plan
  • Professional and Business plans have unlimited customisable download pages.

Brand both download & uploads

Familiarity can be reassuring… especially when it comes to online processes.

With Digital Pigeon you can customise both your download page (when you send files to clients) and your receive files page (when your clients send you files).

Custom branding is about more than making you look good. It’s also about helping you maintain client relationships and rapport you’ve built.

It’s all in the details.

It’s yours to make beautiful. Do us proud.

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