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End-to-end, enterprise grade security.


There's no need to be afraid to fly.

Cloud technology is a bit like air travel. It’s quite possibly the safest way in the world to travel, but that doesn’t stop the media trying to scare us.

When it comes to the internet many people have concerns about “the cloud” and privacy. But with Digital Pigeon, with help from Amazon Web Services, you’re using one of the most secure ways to digitally share your work.

Digital Pigeon utilises bank grade security and encryption to protect your files, and with added measures like password protection and random-generated URL’s, you’re in safe hands.

We employ end-to-end security which means your content is safe from the moment you press ‘upload’ to the moment the file is opened by your recipients.

With enterprise-grade security, you’ll have no reason to be scared of flying.

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How do we secure your files?

There are two key components to securing your file transfer.

Firstly, there’s what we do on the Digital Pigeon platform to make sure your content is private.

Secondly, there’s the security of the cloud infrastructure we use, Amazon Web Services.



Bank-grade security

We use SSL encryption, which is what’s used for online banking. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only are your files encrypted during the upload, download and transfer stages, but they’re perpetually secure in storage.

That means that, against all odds, someone was able to physically access Amazon’s file servers* – they couldn’t read the files without a randomly generated, dynamic, extremely long secret key.

* If you can think of it, Amazon has it covered. You can read about their security measures here.


Password Protection for files

You also have the option of protecting your files with a password.

You’ll need to phone your recipient or send the password outside of the Digital Pigeon system.

For extra protection, we recommend ensuring each of your team members has their own account with their own, secure password, and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled.


Randomly generated, unique link

When you send files to a recipient, they will receive a unique link which gives them access to the files you have sent.

This link is made up of a 'difficult' to generate and unique identifier.

Our calculations estimate it would take an algorithm that is making 1,000 guesses every second, up to 3.39 hundred trillion 29 years, to crack the right combination.

'Difficult' is an understatement of epic proportions


Avoid data confusion with human verification

Verify if your files are accessed by humans, not bots or inbox skimmers. This additional security measure ensures your alerts stay accurate and files get to the right person.


One set of credentials for multiple services

SAML SSO helps businesses keep their software secure and simple to use. IT departments can control access from a centralised point and end users have less credentials to remember.




The cloud that’s trusted by giants

Digital Pigeon’s software is hosted on Amazon Web Services’ cloud infrastructure.
We rely on their servers to deliver your files.

They have safeguards in place to help protect customer and data privacy – in the most intense and extreme ways possible. There are countless organisations who give Amazon their vote of confidence for cloud security.

NASDAQ, NASA, the United States Food and Drug Association (FDA) and of course, themselves, trust the AWS cloud infrastructure.


Compliant to the nth degree

We trust Amazon Web Services because of the importance they place on security. They have countless external checks and balances in place to make sure the cloud is secure.

They comply with global standards for just about everything to do with privacy and security management best practice. Amazon has a range of certification and insurance programs, and are continuously audited by independent accreditation bodies.

Basically, they do everything they can to make sure that whatever can go wrong, won’t go wrong.


Infrastructure that’s equipped for anything

With Amazon Web Services your files are protected both in the digital sense and the physical sense. Amazon have data centres in multiple locations around the world. They’re housed in the most secure buildings, with video surveillance and state of the art security systems. Breaking into one of those data centres would be like an operation from Mission Impossible.

Thanks to infrastructure with countless layers of redundancy, there are several ways to source files. This means that if something fails because of a natural disaster or unprecedented malicious attack, it just ‘flicks over’ to the next source to access them.

Your data is being looked after by the best of the best.

It’s understandable to worry about privacy on the internet. With Digital Pigeon it’s simple; there’s no need to worry.

Digital Pigeon + AWS. Bank Grade Security for your work.

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