Tracking and Notifications

Get a comprehensive view of where your work stands.

Track file activity

Understand exactly where your files are with real-time activity reports. You’ll be able to see how your recipients have
interacted with files, where they are in your project management process, and more.

Get notified when:

Files have finished uploading

Clients have received
your files

Clients have accessed
the files

You’ve been sent files
from others

When feedback is
added to files

This bird’s eye view of where your files stand is integral to project clarity and management. Add Digital Pigeon’s instant notifications, and you’ll never have to wonder whether something has been received or seen again.

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Get on-the-go notifications

Stay on top of your files with email, mobile, or Slack notifications

Unlock your mobility and ditch the inbox with mobile notifications to your phone or tablet. You can also integrate with Slack to get updates on the mobile or desktop Slack app, so you can keep your entire team updated, reduce email clutter, and document everything in one place.

You can be notified when:

  • Files have finished uploading
  • Clients have received notifications
  • Clients have accessed the files
  • Clients have commented on or approved a file
  • You’ve been sent files

You can opt to be notified in real-time, or get an overview at the end of each day to streamline your project management.



Additional Notification Info

Get a transparent view of your files and recipients’ behavior

Track your file access details with convenient notifications. See exactly who has accessed your files, and from which location, browser, or type of device.

Easily stay on top of your projects with Digital Pigeon

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